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Dental implantation in Kherson: prices and terms

Installation of a tooth implant is one of the most popular types of prosthetics that allows you to restore the beauty of your smile with a guaranteed long-term result. The dental implant looks natural, has a long service life and is suitable for patients of all ages. A dental implant is more expensive when compared with other types of prosthetics, but it can be used to restore the dentition in critical cases. It is possible to install an implant if the tooth root is destroyed or damaged, which makes it impossible to resort to other types of prosthetics.

In the clinic “Artstomatology” you can install a dental implant that demonstrates high biological compatibility with the tissues of the human body. There is a quality guarantee on implant teeth, we provide patient support at all stages – from the first visit to the care of crowns. If you want to put a dental implant, you can make an appointment for a consultation or get more information by phone.

When is a tooth implantation needed?

Implantation is necessary in the absence of a large number of teeth, when the patient does not want to install removable dentures or has an individual intolerance. Implantation is used in the following cases:

  • loss of one tooth or the presence of single defects;
  • end defects: the last chewing teeth are absent in the dentition;
  • abnormal crumbling of teeth, darkening of the enamel and other problems that the patient wants to solve with the installation of implants.

Implantation has a number of contraindications – pregnancy, mental illness, periods of rehabilitation and recovery, drug addiction and others. Implantation cannot be performed in the presence of concomitant diseases that are exacerbated after the procedure: artificial heart valve, endocarditis, and others. Absolute contraindications are malignant neoplasms, AIDS, a ban on implantation for congenital heart defects and other diseases, tuberculosis. We have listed the main indications and contraindications, but there are more of them: the exact information can be obtained from the dentist during the consultation and examination. You can make an appointment with a doctor at a convenient time by contacting us by phone.

Dental implantation: stages

Restoration of the dentition with the involvement of implantation is a surgical procedure, the timing of which determines the complexity and volume of work. Dental implantation stages are as follows:

  • preparatory stage. The dentist conducts an initial examination, then recommends that the patient take a panoramic x-ray of the jaw and undergo computed tomography. Research allows to determine which teeth should be replaced and which ones should be treated. As a result, the oral cavity can be sanitized, which is necessary for the treatment of teeth and gums. The patient must undergo laboratory tests for HIV / AIDS, sugar levels and hepatitis;
  • building up. Bone tissue grows only if a deficiency is found. The operation is carried out within 2-4 hours, the engraftment process takes up to 4 months. The need for augmentation is determined by the doctor after studying the patient’s history;
  • implantation of implants. At this stage, dental implantation is carried out, for which a puncture of the gums or an incision is made. In the process of surgical intervention, a bed is formed in which the implant is fixed. A plug is installed at the finish line and the doctor performs suturing of the gums;
  • installation of the abutment. Abutment – a connecting element between an artificial root and a crown made of titanium or ceramic (depending on the material of the crown);
  • preparation for prosthetics. The material of the crowns is selected taking into account the wishes and budget of the patient, an impression is taken for the production of prostheses;
  • performing prosthetics with the installation of crowns on an artificial root.

The patient has the opportunity to choose metal-free, metal-ceramic and other types of crowns. Installation of one or more teeth is available, another solution is the all on 4 technology, in which a fixed prosthesis of the entire dentition is installed on 4 implants (replacement is performed in a short time). The implant engraftment period is individual and depends on the jaw: upper – up to 6 months, lower – up to 4 months.

Tooth implant: price in Ukraine

The price for dental implants in Ukraine depends on the manufacturer and the complexity of the case: the procedure will be perfect if you contact the Artstomatology clinic. The implant, the price of which is announced after the examination, will be delivered in a short time: soon you will be able to show off a beautiful and radiant smile. For a tooth implant, the price depends on several factors:

  • the number of implants to be installed. The price of a tooth implant will be higher than when installing a large number of artificial roots;
  • installation technology: classic or all-on-4 (and its variations);
  • the material that will be used to create the crown;
  • the complexity of pre-treatment.

The price for implants can be different, which is determined by the individual characteristics of the patient’s health. If you need the exact price of a dental implant, be sure to sign up for a consultation and examination by contacting the Artstomatology clinic. Dental implantation, prices in Ukraine for which depend on the complexity of the procedure, will be performed professionally and taking into account the patient’s health.

Types of dental implantation

Rapid dental implantation is a modern dental technique that allows you to restore lost units or a whole series. Dental implantation has contraindications, but it is suitable for most patients. There are the following types of implantation:

basal dental implantation. Suitable for the restoration of a large number of adjacent teeth, but with a deficiency of bone tissue without the possibility of building up;
endosseous with implantation of the implant into the bone tissue;
intramucosal implantation to improve the fixation of removable dentures.

Dental implantation has the following pros and cons:

  • complete restoration of chewing function without changing diction;
  • increased reliability and service life when compared with standard crowns and bridges;
  • grinding of adjacent teeth is not required;
  • implantation of the implant in any part of the dentition is possible;
  • reconstruction of the dentition, the physical and mechanical properties of which are as close as possible to natural.

Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting a large list of contraindications, the possibility of non-healing of the implant and the high cost of prosthetics. Basal dental implantation in Ukraine and other technologies have a higher price compared to bridge construction, removable prosthetics. In the absence of contraindications, a one-stage dental implantation is possible, the price of which is relatively affordable. Dental implantation in one day is performed using all-on-4, all-on-6 and other techniques, which reduce the treatment period by about 1-1.5 months. You can find out more about the types of implantation, prices and terms by contacting our representative in a convenient way.

Rehabilitation period after implantation

Professional dental implantation is a procedure involving surgical intervention and implantation of an artificial root, which is stressful for the body. Patients easily tolerate this period, but only on condition of strict adherence to the recommendations of the attending physician. It is necessary to adhere to the following tips developed for rehabilitation in the first days after implantation:

  • you are within the reach of the dental clinic. You should not leave the city or go to nature as a savage, depriving yourself of emergency dental care in case of force majeure;
  • ensure the minimum load on the areas in which the implants are implanted;
  • follow the rules of oral hygiene;
  • do not drink alcohol, which slows down the regenerative and metabolic processes, slowing down the healing rate.

Follow the nutritional guidelines for the first 2-3 days after your procedure:

  • complete refusal of food within 3-4 hours after the procedure;
  • eating food in the form of liquids and mashed potatoes: it should be soft and at room temperature (hot and cold, prohibited for at least 3 days);
  • exclusion from the diet of spicy, sour, salty foods;
  • chewing on the side without seams;
  • refusal from aggressive drinks: coffee, tea, sour compotes and juices. Better to choose herbal tea and pure water.

The diet should be balanced, healthy sleep (at least 8 hours a day) and proper water intake (1.5-2 liters per day, depending on weight) are important. Avoid stress, avoid eating foods that injure the gums and mouth. In case of fever, bleeding in the mouth and other atypical symptoms, contact your doctor immediately, and do not try to heal yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Implantation is the most reliable method today that allows you to restore decayed or lost teeth, even if the root is unusable. The teeth on implants look natural, do not need complex care and have a service life of over 10-15 years (depending on the material and type of prosthetics).
The cost of implantation depends on the number of dental units to be replaced, the complexity of the chosen technology, and the material of the crowns. In the clinic "Artstomatology", the cost is calculated after the examination of the dentist and additional studies necessary to establish an accurate clinical picture. Call Artstomatology right now to get additional information and find out the exact price.
The operation can be performed only if there are no contraindications. During surgery, an implant is implanted - an artificial root made from hypoallergenic materials. After root engraftment, a crown is installed, an abutment is used as an adapter. The operation is painless, which provides local anesthesia, the engraftment period is from 2 to 6 months, it can be accelerated by following the recommendations for rehabilitation.
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