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Dental treatment Kherson

Therapeutic dentistry is one of the basic directions of dental treatment, since within the framework of this discipline, existing pathologies are diagnosed and ways to eliminate them are determined. In addition, the tasks of a dental therapist include not only conservative treatment of dental diseases, but also taking timely and adequate measures to prevent the development of various ailments of the oral cavity in patients of different age categories.

The dentist-therapist conducts an initial examination, reveals the presence of pathologies of the teeth, periodontal tissues and mucous membranes. Its functions include:

  • Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of carious formations;
  • Restoration and restoration of teeth by filling;
  • Therapy of soft periodontal tissues, root canals;
  • Detection of non-carious formations and their elimination;
  • Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa;
  • Elimination of inflammatory processes of soft tissues.

Timely diagnosis of the existing disease and treatment of the tooth allows you to preserve the health and beauty of the dentition and smile for as long as possible. For this, various modern methods of detecting problems in the early stages are used, and technologies for restoring the functionality and integrity of decayed teeth.

The clinic of therapeutic dentistry in Kherson is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and provides a full range of specialized services for patients of different ages. The staff consists of highly qualified doctors with extensive practical experience. They are familiar with the latest therapeutic trends in dentistry and are proficient in innovative treatment techniques.

Experts recommend applying for a preventive examination of the oral cavity at least once every six months. This allows you to timely detect and stop any pathological processes and postpone the moment of serious and expensive medical intervention. Affordability for the whole range of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical measures allows you to ensure your teeth health at any age.

Dental treatment, prices

Anyone who has encountered dental diseases knows that putting them in order, especially in advanced cases, takes a lot of time. In order to cure teeth, it is sometimes necessary to visit the doctor several times and this can be very expensive. But not in our clinic. The system of our work is aimed at results. Therefore, the prices for dental treatment in Kherson are the most optimal and affordable.

Since the clinic is equipped with the necessary equipment, all diagnostic studies are carried out by our specialists, which allows us to solve the maximum set of issues in one visit. Our credo is that everyone can have a beautiful and healthy smile without overpaying. And we do everything to ensure that clients are satisfied with the therapy and recommend us to their loved ones. The reputation of the clinic is built on this.

Dental treatment under anesthesia

Many therapeutic procedures are well tolerated by patients without the need for local anesthesia. However, there are a number of indications when it is necessary to provide the patient with anesthesia and general anesthesia is offered as an alternative to local anesthesia. Treatment of a wisdom tooth is completely safe, since the clinic has an experienced anesthesiologist who performs the procedure and monitors the patient’s condition until the moment of full awakening.

Pain-free dental treatment under anesthesia is recommended for people with low pain tolerance and fear of the procedure. Dental treatment during pregnancy, as well as in other cases, involves the use of certified drugs, but to determine the best option, the doctor collects an anamnesis. This allows you to avoid acute allergic reactions and choose a remedy that is friendly to the patient’s body, which is especially important for elderly people or children.

It is recommended to treat teeth under anesthesia if the patient suffers from:

  • Neurological diseases;
  • Strong gag reflex;
  • Allergy to local anesthetic drugs;
  • Panic fear of the dentist.

Now, if there is a sensitivity of the teeth, treatment does not cause panic, as there are modern and safe methods to avoid unpleasant minutes. Many, for fear of experiencing pain, drag them to a visit to the doctor and the consequences become dire and irreversible. Treatment of wisdom teeth, molars, incisors and canines is carried out in the most comfortable environment without stress, fear and unnecessary pain.

Dental treatment during pregnancy requires special care and sensitivity. Many ignorant people do not recommend any procedures for expectant mothers. However, the therapeutic techniques and medications used today are absolutely harmless to the woman and her fetus. Therefore, you do not need to wait for the tooth to decay and cause acute pain – consult a doctor in time.

Dental treatment without a drill, pain, discomfort in Kherson is a reality. Sign up for a consultation with a dentist-therapist and find out how to make your visit as effective as possible. Any issue will be resolved efficiently and in the shortest possible time and your smile will again shine with health and beauty.

Frequently asked questions

Therapeutic dentistry covers a wide range of dental procedures such as: • Treatment of carious formations and restoration of damaged teeth; • Treatment of damaged teeth with other pathologies; • There is hypersensitivity to salty / sweet, cold / hot; • Aesthetic defects of the teeth such as stains, cracks, small cavities; • Professional teeth cleaning.
Prices for services
All prices

Cleaning the root canals

from 800uah

CT scan

from 450uah

Oral hygiene

from 1500uah

Dental treatment under a microscope

from 1500uah

Restoration of teeth

from 800uah

Periodontitis treatment

from 800uah

Pulpitis treatment

from 800uah

Caries treatment

from 800uah

Teeth whitening

from 800uah

Teeth cleaning

from 800uah

Canal filling

from 800uah

Tooth filling

from 800uah

Feedback from our clients

We are proud that most of our patients apply to Artstomatology on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. After all, positive feedback on work is better than any advertisement. We are very pleased with this, and we continue to fill Kherson with people with sparkling smiles every day.

star Alina

““Отличная клиника! Персонал заставит Вас почувствовать себя как дома сразу, как только вы войдете в дверь. Команда очень профессионально изучила мою проблему и предложила верное решение. Артстоматология проделала большую работу, я чувствовала, что попала в надежные руки. Врач очень хорошо все объяснил и дал много ценных советов. Спасибо!””

star Andrey

“Лучшее стоматологическое обслуживание, которое я когда-либо испытывал! Профессиональный, вежливый и дружелюбный персонал заставил меня почувствовать себя, словно я – часть большой семьи Артстоматологии!!! Очень рекомендую всем !!!”

star Petr

“Персонал отличный. Очень гостеприимный и дружелюбный. Стоматолог толково ведет прием, предоставил всю информацию. Я согласился на сложную процедуру, а затем на поддержание и чистку. Каждый визит подобен встрече со старым другом. Я очень доволен результатами и приду сюда со всеми своими стоматологическими потребностями в будущем!”