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The best technologies, a professional team and an integrated approach.

Dental services
  • Tooth filling
  • Canal filling
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Teeth whitening
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  • Ukraine - VITAPLANT
  • Israel - Mis
  • Switzerland - Straumann
  • Korea - Inno
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  • Veneers
  • Tooth crown
  • Metal ceramic
  • Metal-free ceramics
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  • Extraction of teeth
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Tooth cyst removal
  • Sinus lifting
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About the clinic and
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Our team consists of experienced professionals who love and know their job, through whose hands many owners of healthy smiles have already passed.

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    Our guarantees

    Guaranteed quality dental services

    Feedback from our clients

    We are proud that most of our patients apply to Artstomatology on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. After all, positive feedback on work is better than any advertisement. We are very pleased with this, and we continue to fill Kherson with people with sparkling smiles every day.

    star Alina

    ““Отличная клиника! Персонал заставит Вас почувствовать себя как дома сразу, как только вы войдете в дверь. Команда очень профессионально изучила мою проблему и предложила верное решение. Артстоматология проделала большую работу, я чувствовала, что попала в надежные руки. Врач очень хорошо все объяснил и дал много ценных советов. Спасибо!””

    star Andrey

    “Лучшее стоматологическое обслуживание, которое я когда-либо испытывал! Профессиональный, вежливый и дружелюбный персонал заставил меня почувствовать себя, словно я – часть большой семьи Артстоматологии!!! Очень рекомендую всем !!!”

    star Petr

    “Персонал отличный. Очень гостеприимный и дружелюбный. Стоматолог толково ведет прием, предоставил всю информацию. Я согласился на сложную процедуру, а затем на поддержание и чистку. Каждый визит подобен встрече со старым другом. Я очень доволен результатами и приду сюда со всеми своими стоматологическими потребностями в будущем!”

    Frequently asked questions

    Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the teeth and mouth, adjacent parts of the face and jaw: the study, structure, functioning. Dentistry also includes the treatment of diseases related to these areas. Art dentistry is diagnostics, therapy, prosthetics, surgery. And the staff of the clinic are professionals who know and love their work.
    When choosing a dentist, be sure to study the reviews of real patients on independent sites: the higher the rating of the clinic, the more it can be trusted. Analyze the prices of dental services in your region or city: too low rates should scare away, high - require clarification. Be sure to make an appointment for an initial consultation to evaluate the doctor's experience and the technical equipment of the clinic.
    When visiting the dentist, the patient should put aside the embarrassment: honestly tell the doctor about the problem that worries you, do not worry about the condition of the oral cavity and be sure to indicate the anesthetics that cause an allergic reaction. Ask questions about prices and types of treatment, in parallel, assess the care and attention of the doctor, gather information about the experience of staff.

    Treatment, prosthetics and dental implantation: dentistry in Kherson

    Prosthetics, treatment and other dental dentistry is not only an exciting, but also a complex process, the quality of which is determined by the dentist and the dental clinic. In this regard, dental clinics and a dentist in Kherson must be chosen responsibly. If you are in the process of looking for qualified help, you can contact the dental center “Artstomatology”. The clinic’s dentists provide assistance to adult patients who need prosthetics, implantation and other procedures.

    The dental clinic has modern technical equipment: the best conditions have been created to ensure comfort, absence of discomfort and high quality of treatment. Our clinic is pain-free dentistry with guaranteed results!

    We use certified dental materials and orthopedic constructions, we cooperate with the best doctors, each dentist’s office is furnished with modern equipment. We control the quality of staff work: any dental service is provided at a high level. Each dentist has over 5 years of experience, regularly takes advanced training courses in Ukraine, the EU countries and the USA.

    The dental clinic has implemented strict quality standards, attracts qualified personnel and has excellent technical equipment. In Kherson, Artstomatology dentistry has gained popularity, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of satisfied patients. Our dental clinic in Kherson is a reliable solution for those who need professional dental treatment with guaranteed results!

    Dentistry in Kherson: prices for treatment

    If you need an experienced dentist in Kherson, then call the Artstomatology clinic without hesitation. We not only attract qualified personnel, but also provide a guaranteed positive result of all procedures. The exact prices for dental services in Kherson can be indicated only after an examination by a dentist. The quality of services is at the highest level due to a number of reasons:

    • own material and technical base;
    • branded tools, equipment manufactured in Ukraine and abroad;
    • use of materials, prostheses and implants created in Israel, Korea, Germany, Switzerland and other countries;
    • experienced dentists and orthopedists who provide comprehensive care for the patient’s health.

    Treatment in dentistry in Kherson on Tavrichesky is the way to healthy teeth and a stunning smile, which you will walk through without unpleasant sensations. We provide an individual approach to each patient, take on complex clinical cases and select solutions that improve the quality of life.

    Please note that the clinic’s price list contains indicative prices. The final cost of the procedures is calculated after consultation with the dentist. The doctor needs to assess the condition of the oral cavity and dentition, tissues and mucous membranes in order to choose the correct and most affordable type of treatment.

    Where to run if a toothache

    Toothache, as evidenced by the results of surveys conducted in different countries of the world, is the most unpleasant. If a tooth hurts, then it is impossible to think about anything, work schedules are disrupted, I do not want to sleep or eat. Tooth pain can occur due to many reasons:

    • carious lesion, including neglected;
    • hypersensitivity of tooth enamel;
    • the presence of holes due to decay or injury. Through the defect, food particles, water, air enter the tooth, which provoke pain;
    • pulpitis and gum disease;
    • eruption of a wisdom tooth, in this case, the pain can be given to the ear or the lower part of the neck;
    • periodontitis and gingivitis, trauma in the area of ​​enamel and dental root.

    Severe toothache can be a symptom of a number of unpleasant diseases:

    • sinusitis, sinusitis;
    • hypothermia;
    • inflammation of the facial nerves;
    • otitis media, respiratory diseases, others.

    If you have a toothache, then do not postpone a visit to the dentist in a long box: the earlier the treatment begins, the faster the lost functions will be restored and the unpleasant sensations will pass. Diseased teeth, not cured in time, begin to gradually deteriorate, a cyst or abscess may develop, in the latter case it is almost impossible to do without antibiotics and long-term treatment. The throbbing pain in the tooth can be relieved with pain relievers or rinsing, but this solution is temporary: 3-4 hours after taking the pill, the discomfort will return, but it will be stronger.

    The symptom of a toothache is a direct indication for visiting a dentist. You should not uncontrollably use pain relievers or use folk remedies: only professional help will relieve you of pain, and the tooth and root will save you from destruction. Many patients who are faced with the problem of tooth pain are afraid of additional discomfort in the dentist’s office. However, the worries are in vain: anesthesia in dentistry will provide absolute comfort during treatment. Modern anesthetics are used that completely block pain and other impulses. The anesthetic is selected taking into account individual and possible allergic reactions, it has practically no contraindications and is suitable for patients of any age.

    Anesthesia in dentistry: features

    There are several types of anesthesia in dentistry, which are selected based on the clinical picture and the patient’s history. The main type of anesthesia is local, providing point anesthesia. General anesthesia is an expensive solution that is rarely used. General anesthesia is sometimes used when a complex treatment or the removal of a large number of teeth is planned, another indication is the panic that the patient experiences at the thought of unpleasant sensations. Local anesthesia of the tooth can be performed using the following methods:

    • application. The lining of the oral cavity is covered with a gel-like or creamy substance, the anesthetic is not too strong. Local anesthesia is used primarily for superficial treatment or in preparation for the administration of a stronger drug;
    • infiltration. The soft tissues are saturated with anesthetic that is applied to the gums. The anesthetic penetrates the tissue structure, then enters the canal and blocks pain impulses. The method is popular and frequently used;
    • conductor. The introduction of the drug is carried out in the vicinity of the nerves of the tooth, which allows you to fully block pain impulses. The anesthetic is strong enough, so it is often chosen as part of anesthesia before surgery.

    Anesthesia, dentistry “Artstomatology” guarantees a complete absence of pain, is selected taking into account the type of procedure, the complexity of treatment and the patient’s individual pain threshold. Anesthetics based on lidocaine, procaine, trimecaine, articaine + epinephrine and other components are used: the drug is selected taking into account the period for which you need to anesthetize the tooth. If you have an individual intolerance to anesthetics or suspect an allergy, then you should do an allergy test for a full diagnosis.

    Why is it worth contacting the Artstomatology dental clinic

    1. Medical staff. The clinic employs doctors who have been working in the field of medicine for over 5 years. They regularly improve their qualifications, master new methods of treatment.
    2. Technical base. The clinic has innovative equipment for diagnostics, prosthetics, and other dental procedures.
    3. Guarantee. A quality guarantee is provided for all types of performed procedures.
    4. Materials. Certified materials and consumables are used, which ensures a high result of all procedures performed.
    5. More than 98% of satisfied customers. Patients return to Artstomatology with a smile, we are recommended to friends and acquaintances.
    6. Pain-free treatment. We use a new generation of anesthetics that effectively block pain impulses. You can relax and unwind while your dentist treats your teeth.

    There are no difficult cases. We help patients even in difficult clinical cases. We will be able to choose the option of treatment, prosthetics, implantation, returning beauty and health to your teeth.