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Dental prosthetics in Kherson: prices, stages and features

Dental health and a gorgeous smile are an eternal problem that people face for generations. The condition of the teeth depends not only on the quality and regularity of care, but also on the genetic predisposition. According to statistics, only 2-3 people out of 100 have perfect teeth, the rest suffer from caries, cracks and other problems. The best dental prosthetics – a popular service available at the Artstomatology clinic – will help to restore beauty to a smile. We have been working for over 10 years, providing high quality procedures, certified dentures, pain-free and perfect results. Having put on dentures, you will be able to lead a normal life, enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, surprise those around you with a snow-white smile. Modern dentures have a long service life: we use different techniques and materials, we select high-quality solutions for individual requirements.

When is prosthetics necessary

If the tooth has caries or other small localized damage, it can be repaired with treatment. In some cases, treatment is impractical and recovery is impossible. Indications for prosthetics can be considered:

  • complete absence of a tooth. We are talking about knocked out or lost teeth, destroyed as a result of refusal of treatment or broken. For example, caries appears on the tooth, the patient does not go to the doctor, as a result of which destruction occurs: in advanced cases, restoration is impossible, therefore, prosthetics are used;
  • increased abrasion of teeth, requiring the use of crowns;
  • the need to improve the aesthetics of the tooth with chips, cracks, discoloration of the enamel;
  • aggressive caries. The tooth was healed and a filling was placed, but the destruction continues. The doctor may decide to place a bridge or crowns, depending on the initial condition of the tooth.

The reasons for the installation of prostheses may be different, which is determined after the examination and collection of anamnesis.

Stages of dental prosthetics

In matters of prosthetics, everything starts with an examination. At the first stage, it is necessary:

  • undergo x-rays to determine the condition of the teeth and bone tissue;
  • undergo a dental examination to determine the condition of the teeth and anatomical features.

After examination, prosthetics are performed in several stages:

  • preparation of the oral cavity and dentition for the procedure. The condition of the teeth located next to the prosthetics affects the wear period of the prostheses. The abutment teeth on which the bridges are attached must be in good condition. The nature of the preparation depends on the type of prosthetics chosen; before the installation of crowns, caries treatment, depulpation (in some cases) and turning are performed. The doctor assesses the condition of the gums, in the case of chronic diseases – appropriate treatment;
  • the choice of the method of prosthetics. The doctor, based on the condition of the tooth or dentition, chooses the available methods of prosthetics. Consults the patient, providing information on the timing, prices, reliability of dentures. Approval of the method takes place, then – the taking of impressions, on the basis of which the prostheses will be made;
    denture making by dental technicians. Term – up to 2 weeks;
  • preliminary fitting of crowns, which allows you to eliminate any discomfort and make sure of the anatomicality of the orthopedic structure, after – installation and monitoring of the patient during the entire period of rehabilitation.

Installation is possible on a living tooth root or post, bridge structures. Dentures are made of high-strength plastic, dental ceramics and cermets, nylon and other materials that demonstrate high resistance to aggressive environments and mechanical stress.

The timing of prosthetics depends mainly on the selected prostheses and material. Lamellar – about 14 days, a butterfly prosthesis for an extracted tooth – 7-14 days, clasp prostheses – 20-25 days.

Dental prosthetics: prices

The price for dentures in Ukraine is affordable, but it depends on the chosen method of prosthetics, the type of orthopedic construction and the number of teeth. In the Artstomatology clinic, the price for dental prostheses is quite pleasant, professional orthopedic dentists will restore the beauty of a smile even with a complex clinical picture. You can find out the prices for dental prosthetics by contacting the clinic, however, the final amount will be announced only after the initial examination by a dentist.

The most expensive option is implantation, prices for metal-ceramic prosthetics are lower, the most budgetary option is metal-plastic crowns. The clinic offers removable and non-removable dental prosthetics, the price of which will be announced after the examination: each case is individual.

Only the doctor of the clinic can determine the prices for dentures: he will select the most reliable technology corresponding to the state of the patient’s dentition. Remember that the price of dentures is never very low, prosthetics is a multi-stage and complex process. You will wear a removable or fixed prosthesis for at least 5-10 years, depending on the material: ceramics – up to 10 years, zirconium dioxide structures – up to 25 years. If in the clinic you are told unreasonably small numbers, below the market ones, then you should think about the quality of the prosthetics performed and the originality of the materials used.

In the clinic, prices for dentures in Ukraine are affordable, which is due to a number of factors:

  • we directly cooperate with manufacturers of materials and orthopedic structures, bypassing intermediaries, which has a positive effect on prices for dentures for all categories of citizens;
  • we provide high quality of all performed procedures. You will wear dentures for a long time without the need for additional treatment or replacement.

If you want to supply removable or fixed prostheses, the prices in Ukraine for which are lower than in Europe or the USA, and the quality is similar to foreign treatment, then contact us. The clinic employs the best dentists and orthopedists: they will restore your smile to its former beauty, and your oral cavity health.

Painless dental prosthetics: types

There are 2 types of prosthetics available:

  • removable. Dentures are chosen when there are no teeth in the oral cavity for the installation of crowns or bridges. Removable dentures require additional care, but they are outwardly indistinguishable from real teeth. This prosthetics with complete loss of teeth is often chosen by people of retirement age;
  • non-removable dental prosthetics. Bridges or crowns will be attached to implants or teeth (veneers, inlays, etc.), they do not need to be removed or provided additional care.

Prosthetics of the anterior upper teeth or the entire row provides a complete restoration. The service has a guaranteed high quality, prostheses are made in a short time – from the visit to the doctor to the installation takes about 1 month, which depends on the complexity. Prosthetics of teeth with metal-ceramics and other orthopedic structures leaves the opportunity to eliminate any defects in the dentition. If several units are missing in the dentition, then, with a high degree of probability, a decision will be made to install fixed dentures.

If prosthetics of the upper jaw is required in the absence of teeth, then the best solution would be a removable prosthesis or implantation (the latter option is quite expensive, but ultra-reliable). In dentistry, dental prosthetics is possible using the All-on-4 technology (“all in four”), in which the teeth of one jaw are restored at a time with the involvement of 4 artificial roots. The final decision is made by the dentist, but the cost for dental prosthetics in our clinic is affordable. In the clinic “Artstomatology” you can order partial and complete dental prosthetics, it will be performed professionally and with guaranteed quality.

Dentures: types

There are many types of removable and fixed dentures, consider the most popular and reliable ones:

  • inlays with a service life of up to 10 years, preventing tooth decay and looking natural;
  • veneers: the thinnest dental ceramic plates, bonded to the front of the tooth. The main purpose is to mask chips, cracks, changes in the color of the enamel;
  • crowns, they are put on the ground tooth and fixed with dental cement. They are used if the tooth is destroyed by 2/3, if it is completely destroyed, they are placed on an implant implanted in the jawbone;
  • jawbone implants;
  • bridges installed on abutment teeth.

It is possible to install clasp or soft nylon dentures – removable and inexpensive orthopedic structures that provide patient comfort.

Rehabilitation period after prosthetics

During the first days after implantation, especially with the involvement of bone grafting, there may be an increased body temperature, swelling, and pain. Let’s consider general recommendations:

  • applying cold once every 30-60 minutes during the first days after the procedure;
  • taking painkillers, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs only as prescribed by a doctor. Antibiotics are sometimes given;
    eating soft food that has a uniform consistency to ensure rest. It is better to avoid chewing meat or vegetables, opting for pureed soups. Spicy, hot, salty, sour dishes are prohibited;
  • temporary cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption, air travel, sports training and any physical activity;
    observance of oral hygiene, but without intensive rinsing. It is better to replace the latter with oral baths with mixtures based on antiseptics.

Recommendations for rehabilitation measures after prosthetics are developed by the doctor who guided the patient from the moment of the first visit to the completion of the procedure. The nature of the rehabilitation depends on the number of installed prostheses and their type. In the case of installing removable dentures, regular rinsing with an antiseptic solution and cleaning of the orthopedic structure (according to the type and material) are required.

Frequently asked questions

Each prosthetics is an individual process. The price depends on the number of damaged or decayed teeth, the type of installation (on the root, pin, bridge), the material of the crown and the type of prosthesis (removable, non-removable). You can find out the exact cost of prosthetics by contacting our representative and making an appointment for an initial consultation with a dentist.
Prosthetics is a dental technology that allows you to restore decayed or lost teeth. The creation of natural teeth is ensured: it is difficult to distinguish them from real ones even upon close examination.
There are no good or bad prostheses: the method of prosthetics is chosen taking into account the condition of the dentition and oral cavity. The most expensive, but at the same time reliable and aesthetically attractive option are implants, the mid-budget option is zirconium and cermets, and the budget option is metal-plastic crowns. Zirconium crowns will last up to 25 years, metal-plastic crowns - no more than 3-5 years. The average value for implants is up to 25 years, but life-long wear is also possible.
Dentures are made by dental technicians. They receive information from the dentist, and then create prostheses in accordance with the technological process according to the type and materials used. Production time - up to 7 to 21 days, depending on the complexity.
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We are proud that most of our patients apply to Artstomatology on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. After all, positive feedback on work is better than any advertisement. We are very pleased with this, and we continue to fill Kherson with people with sparkling smiles every day.

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