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Vitaplant in Kherson: prices, pros and cons

from 800 uah

Vitaplant – reliable dental implants made in Ukraine, combining a decent value for money. Vitaplant single-stage implants are made in the territory of Zaporozhye, they have earned the love and trust of thousands of Ukrainian patients. You can order the installation of Vitaplant implants by contacting our clinic. There is a quality guarantee for all performed procedures, an individual approach to each patient is provided.

Dental implants of the Ukrainian production Vitaplant

The brand represents an innovative one-component solution in which the body, head and neck are made of a single monolith. They can be used as temporary implants, as well as:

  • supporting orthopedic structures for crowns and bridges;
  • for installation of beam elements;
  • classical and transgingival implantation;
  • for enhanced fixation of removable dentures in the absence of teeth.

The use of such implants provides acceleration of the dentist’s work process, safety of the procedure and minimal losses during installation.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vitaplant implants

Vitaplant implants have no disadvantages, but have a number of advantages that are important for patients:

  • cost-effectiveness: installation is carried out without additional costs for the abutment;
  • accelerated healing after installation;
  • ease of installation.

Our clinic works with Ukrainian Vitaplant implants, the possibility of installation will be determined after a visual examination. You can make an appointment by contacting us by phone, messenger and other means. We offer patients dental implants not only from Ukrainian, but also from Israeli, Korean and other world-renowned manufacturers. The clinic selects solutions for any clinical case!

Feedback from our clients

We are proud that most of our patients apply to Artstomatology on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. After all, positive feedback on work is better than any advertisement. We are very pleased with this, and we continue to fill Kherson with people with sparkling smiles every day.

star Alina

““Отличная клиника! Персонал заставит Вас почувствовать себя как дома сразу, как только вы войдете в дверь. Команда очень профессионально изучила мою проблему и предложила верное решение. Артстоматология проделала большую работу, я чувствовала, что попала в надежные руки. Врач очень хорошо все объяснил и дал много ценных советов. Спасибо!””

star Andrey

“Лучшее стоматологическое обслуживание, которое я когда-либо испытывал! Профессиональный, вежливый и дружелюбный персонал заставил меня почувствовать себя, словно я – часть большой семьи Артстоматологии!!! Очень рекомендую всем !!!”

star Petr

“Персонал отличный. Очень гостеприимный и дружелюбный. Стоматолог толково ведет прием, предоставил всю информацию. Я согласился на сложную процедуру, а затем на поддержание и чистку. Каждый визит подобен встрече со старым другом. Я очень доволен результатами и приду сюда со всеми своими стоматологическими потребностями в будущем!”