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Metal ceramics in Kherson: prosthetics with guaranteed quality

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Metal-ceramic crowns are one of the most reliable and durable types of prosthetics. The metal-ceramic crown has a high level of reliability, looks natural and has a service life of up to 12 years. Deciding to install metal-ceramic crowns, you can contact our dental clinic. We guarantee quality on all cermet teeth. We involve the best dentists and orthopedists: a metal-ceramic crown will be a real decoration of your smile.

High-quality metal ceramics make teeth and smile unique, suitable for people of all ages. Permanent prosthetics can be resorted to if the tooth has been destroyed due to caries, injury, individual characteristics, such as crushing or tartar. Metal-ceramic crown – a solution that allows you to forget about oxidation, allergic reactions and other problems, it is endowed with high aesthetic qualities. In our clinic, cermets can be placed on the front teeth and other destroyed areas, the procedure is not only as fast as possible, but also painless. If you need a quality metal-ceramic crown or large-scale prosthetics, we will be able to offer you the best quality with care for the health of the oral cavity.

Types of metal-ceramic crowns

Conventionally, all cermets are divided into several types, which determines the type of materials and technologies used in production:

  • classic crowns. The base of the crown is made of nickel, chromium and other dental metals, the outer layer is multilayer ceramics;
  • with ceramic shoulder. The base of the metal frame is completely covered with ceramics, provides a tight fit to the gums, so the grayish hue is well masked: the crown is difficult to distinguish from a real tooth;
  • with a framework from precious metals. Alloys based on gold, silver, platinum are used. The base of the frame is covered with ceramics, the prosthesis looks natural and has increased strength;
  • CAD / CAM. The crown is made with the help of a computer program and a milling machine, the finished prosthesis fully meets the characteristics of the dentition.

The most budget option – classic crowns, followed by prostheses with a ceramic shoulder and a frame made of precious metals. The most expensive option – CAD / CAM crowns, the cost of which is about 2.5 times higher compared to the classics.

Stages of installation of a metal-ceramic crown

Deciding to put crowns on the teeth of cermets, it is necessary to undergo an initial consultation with an orthopedic dentist. The doctor, after conducting an examination and studying the results of additional studies, will determine the possibility of undergoing this type of prosthesis. Metal-ceramic teeth can be installed in the following cases:

  • pathological abrasion of enamel;
  • tooth destruction by 50% due to running caries;
  • tooth lesions that are non-carious in nature;
  • the old prosthesis needs to be replaced.

At bruxism (gnashing of teeth), problems with a root (periodontitis, a crack, cysts, others), weak molars, disturbances of a bite it is possible to put metal ceramics, but the final decision is accepted by the attending physician taking into account the anamnesis and individual features. Metal-ceramic crowns are installed in several stages:

  • examination by a doctor, preparation for prosthetics. Before installing the prosthesis, you need to perform treatment, remove caries;
  • installation of a cult tab if the tooth is very destroyed and there is a lack of fabrics. The cult tab performs the function of the base for the prosthesis;
  • carrying out turning of a tooth which will provide ideal fitting of a crown and a high level of hygiene;
  • removal of molds for the manufacture of the crown;
  • production of a crown: production of a framework from metal, a covering and baking of ceramics in special devices;
  • fitting of the crown, in the absence of problems – installation with fixation with dental cement.

On average, 2-3 visits to the dentist are required to install the crown, during which an examination, treatment, turning, removal of casts, fitting and installation will be performed. The average term of making a crown is 5-7 days, prosthetics – up to 10 days, depending on the condition of the tooth, the complexity of treatment and other factors.

Metal-ceramic crown: price

High-quality metal ceramics, the price of which is affordable, is very popular among Ukrainian patients. Durability of a prosthesis coupled with high aesthetic appeal and pleasant cost is what ensures the demand for such crowns. The price of metal-ceramic teeth depends on the type of crown, method of attachment (screw, abutment), the need for depulpation and the complexity of prosthetics. High-quality metal-ceramic crown – the price of your snow-white smile, no pain and increase self-esteem. Beautiful crown of cermets – the price in Ukraine for prosthetics will be calculated only after the examination, additional research may be needed (panoramic image, radiography, etc.) for a full diagnosis.

High-quality cermet teeth, the price of which is quite affordable, allows you to turn – this is the way to a beautiful snow-white smile. You can book a call back to make an appointment at a convenient time. After the examination, the doctor will tell you about the available options for prosthetics, prices, terms, he will answer all related questions.

Care of a metal-ceramic crown

The quality of life of a patient who has installed metal-ceramic dentures does not change. The following recommendations must be followed:

  • daily brushing in the morning and evening (at least two minutes);
  • professional teeth cleaning 1-2 times a year to remove plaque, tartar;
  • prevention of temperature changes, which is useful for both real teeth and crowns. Do not drink cold water after a hot meal, do not eat ice cream after drinking coffee;
  • the use of dental floss and mouthwashes to remove food particles from the interdental space.

Metal-ceramic crowns need the same care as regular teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of cermets

Metal ceramics combines an affordable price, high strength and maximum naturalness. It has other advantages:

  • metal-ceramic crowns do not differ from real teeth;
  • service life – up to 12 years;
  • increased biocompatibility, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Of the disadvantages is the deep processing of the tissues of the living tooth and the appearance of cyanosis in the gums (especially in models without a ceramic shoulder). Metal translucency is possible, so cermets are more often used for prosthetics of painters, for front teeth – metal-free (all-ceramic) or zirconium crowns.

Frequently asked questions

The average cost of a metal-ceramic crown varies in the range of 1500-5000 hryvnias, which depends on the type, type of installation and complexity of prosthetics. If you want to know the exact cost of prosthetics, then look at our price list or make an appointment with a doctor.
Metal ceramics - fixed prosthetics involving materials whose physical and mechanical characteristics are close to natural tooth enamel. Metal ceramics - the arrangement of metal with a ceramic coating, resistant to mechanical stress, temperature changes, humidity and other aggressive factors.
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