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High-quality metal-free ceramics in Kherson

from 800 uah

Ceramic crown is used in dental prosthetics to replace broken, damaged teeth. High-quality ceramic teeth are more expensive than metal-ceramic, have a natural look and wear period of more than 10 years, but with proper and regular care. If you are interested in ceramic teeth, then prosthetics can be performed at the dental clinic “Artstomatology”. Ceramics in dentistry has high aesthetic characteristics. Metal-free crowns will help to return to a smile beauty and shining linen. High-quality ceramics allow you to create teeth as natural as possible: even on closer inspection it is impossible to understand that a person resorted to prosthetics. Dental ceramics are resistant to mechanical damage, temperature changes and do not darken even after prolonged wear: you do not have to change your usual lifestyle. Ceramic teeth do not require complex care, they do not oxidize and do not cause discomfort. Metal-free ceramics, the prices of which are low, are installed in a short time, and prosthetics are painless. You can order ceramic prostheses right now by signing up for a consultation. We have a metal-free ceramic crown – a professional prosthesis taking into account the individual characteristics of health and dentition of the patient.

Stages of installation of a metal-free crown

Metal-free crown on the tooth – ceramics that do not oxidize and are hypoallergenic. After installation there is no cyanosis of the gums and a dark stripe in the gingival part. Indications for the installation of ceramic crowns are:

  • enamel chips and cracks that cause aesthetic discomfort and can cause tooth decay;
  • abnormalities in the structure of the tooth;
  • tooth decay caries;
  • allergic reactions to metals, due to which the installation of metal-ceramic prostheses is impossible;
  • the tooth is knocked out, but the root is preserved.

In case of root destruction installation of a bridge-shaped orthopedic design (replacement of 1-3 teeth) or implantation of an implant (artificial root) is possible. Installation of a ceramic crown is performed according to the following technique:

  • the doctor conducts a visual examination, radiography may be required. The study allows you to assess the condition of the teeth and jaw tissue, as well as to identify damage to hidden areas;
  • after the examination, treatment is carried out: removal of tartar, removal of caries, filling of canals, depulping – if necessary, strengthening with the involvement of a pin or tab;
  • the next stage is the preparation of the tooth for prosthetics, which consists in turning;
  • creating a mold on the basis of which the crown will be made. CAD / CAM technology is used to produce anatomical but more expensive metal-free crowns. At this stage, the dentist selects the color of the crown, otherwise it will stand out unfavorably in the dentition;
  • fitting of the crown, elimination of problems in case of their detection;
  • installation of prosthesis and strengthening with dental cement.

Installation of ceramic crowns, performed correctly by an experienced orthopedic dentist, eliminates the risk of developing any types of complications. The term of prosthetics depends on the complexity of the crown and the type of installation (implant, pin, others), on average the patient has to visit the dentist 3 times: examination, treatment, turning and removal of casts, fitting and installation.

Metal-free crown: price in a dental clinic

Metal-free ceramics, the price of which is calculated individually for each clinical case, is one of the most popular types of prosthetics. The price for a ceramic tooth is formed as follows:

  • the number of teeth that need prosthetics;
  • the type of materials and technologies used for the production of crowns;
  • type of installation: pin, implant, bridge, others;
  • individual features (the complexity of dental treatment before prosthetics, the need for depulping, etc.).

Ceramic crown, the price of which depends on the history, is one of the most popular types of prosthetics. If you want to put teeth ceramics, the price in Ukraine for which will be calculated after the initial examination, you can contact our clinic. Each ceramic crown is created from quality materials with the involvement of modern technologies, we guarantee all types of prosthetics. The price for ceramic teeth is the cost of your health and beauty, the clinic has the best conditions for prosthetics:

  • you can put on the teeth ceramics, the price of which is calculated before treatment;
  • the best doctors, regularly improve their skills and have more than 5 years of experience;
  • focus on individual characteristics of patients’ health: we will select ceramics for teeth, the price and quality of which will fully meet your expectations.

If you want to undergo prosthetics and find out the cost of the procedure, then contact a clinic representative in a convenient way. The exact price can be announced by a doctor after the examination: sign up now to become the owner of not only a healthy but also a beautiful smile.

Types of metal-free crowns

There are 3 types of metal-free crowns, the classification is based on the material of the frame:

  • zirconium dioxide. Differ in the increased durability and long service life. They have decent aesthetic characteristics, can be installed on both molars (masticatory) and front teeth, guaranteeing a high level of naturalness. They are hypoallergenic, based on zirconium dioxide with a thin ceramic layer;
  • ceramics. Solid ceramics are strong, reliable and can be installed on chewing, front teeth;
  • porcelain. The most beautiful but fragile crowns. Suitable for front teeth, it is not recommended to use such dentures for molars and in bridges, which are high loads.

The type of crowns is chosen by the orthopedic dentist taking into account the peculiarities of the bite, dentition and other individual characteristics.

Care of a metal-free crown

After the installation of metal-free crowns, the patient does not need to change their usual lifestyle, because new teeth do not require complex additional care. It is enough to follow the standard rules of oral hygiene:

  • brush your teeth twice a day, using a paste without abrasive particles;
  • apply dental floss to remove food particles, mouthwashes;
  • avoid temperature changes (hot broth after cold lemonade) and mechanical loads (you can not chew nuts, seeds, etc.).

The recommendations will help preserve not only crowns but also natural teeth. It is worth adding to the care program professional cleaning, performed 2 times a year: it will prevent dullness, the appearance of tartar and other defects.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal-free crown

The advantages of ceramic crowns include:

  • high level of naturalness and aesthetic appeal;
  • no need for complex special care;
  • long service life, but with proper care and compliance with the recommendations of the dentist;
  • there is no oxidation process, cyanosis of the gums and dark streaks in the gingival space, which may appear after the installation of cermets;
  • ceramic prostheses do not cause allergic reactions;
  • immunity to odors, colors.

Metal-free crowns have a color and luster as close as possible to natural, guaranteeing the beauty of a smile. Of the disadvantages of metal-free crowns can be distinguished higher price, compared with cermets, and subtlety, transparency.

Frequently asked questions

The price of a metal-free crown depends on the method of installation, the initial condition of the tooth and root, and the number of prostheses that need to be installed. The cost of prosthetics is calculated individually, taking into account these factors: you should first sign up for a consultation and undergo a dental examination. You can contact us by phone or in any convenient way to make an appointment and receive information about the exact price.
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