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Removable dentures in Kherson: high quality and fast

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Removable prosthetics – a method of restoring several teeth or the entire dentition, which has an affordable price and a high level of naturalness. Removable dentures are chosen if the installation of crowns and bridges for any reason is impossible. Another reason why patients choose full removable prosthetics is the lack of a large number of teeth and the inability to invest in implant placement. Removable dentures are a popular procedure, which, contrary to popular belief, is chosen not only by patients of retirement age. Removable dentures look as natural as possible, do not require complex care and do not lose their original characteristics for many years.

If you want to install a partial, lower or upper removable denture, you can contact the dental clinic “Artstomatology”. Please note that the upper non-removable upper prosthesis and other types of prosthetics can be installed only after consultation with an orthopedic dentist: you can make an appointment by phone or through the feedback form.

Removable prosthetics: stages and indications for installation

Natural and high-quality removable dentures are a simple solution for people who, for whatever reason, are unable to install crowns, bridges, orthopedic structures or implants. Removable dentures of the new generation look natural: even on closer inspection, they do not resemble inserts. It is recommended to install modern removable dentures in the following cases:

  • complete absence of teeth (adentia) on one or two jaws;
  • there are end defects of the dentition;
  • there are no chewing teeth on one side of the jaw;
  • defects included: no lateral or anterior group of teeth;
  • there are contraindications to permanent prosthetics;
  • tissue pathology caused by periodontitis or periodontitis.

We have listed the main reasons, but there are more. Removable dentures are often chosen by patients who do not have the ability to install implants and other types of orthopedic structures. In this case, the orthopedic dentist selects the best removable dentures, taking into account the age, budget, health status of the patient. Dental prosthetics – removable dentures with maximum ease, hypoallergenicity and comfort. This is what modern man needs! The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • the doctor conducts an examination and determines the possibility of installing removable dentures;
  • treatment is carried out in preparation for prosthetics;
  • fingerprints are taken to create prostheses of the correct anatomical shape: they will not rub and cause discomfort;
  • choice of color and shape of teeth, depending on the type of prosthesis. With a partial fixed prosthesis (several artificial units will be added to the dentition) you need to choose the color and shape that match these teeth. At full prosthetics of two jaws it is possible to choose any color and the form corresponding to a bite;
  • manufacture of removable dentures, followed by fitting. The dentist performs an inspection to determine the conformity of the bite, in case of comments, the removable prosthesis is adjusted.

After adjustment, the prosthesis is tried again, if it is ideal, the dentist tells about the rules of use and care. If the prostheses are displaced, pressed or rubbed on the gums, it is necessary to inform the doctor, the main purpose of prosthetics is absolute comfort!

Removable prostheses can not be installed during pregnancy, SARS and other colds, acute infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, osteomyelitis. Dentures are not recommended for poor blood clotting, oncology and mental illness.

Removable dentures: prices in Ukraine

Removable prosthetics are of high quality, which determines the experience of our doctors. You can put removable dentures, the price of which is affordable in Ukraine, right now by contacting our clinic. We implement innovative prosthetic technologies, attract experienced dentists, orthopedists, as well as directly cooperate with Ukrainian, European and American manufacturers of materials. The doctors of the clinic will select dentures for any clinical case and will transform patients who need a beautiful, healthy smile. The price of removable dentures is calculated individually after the examination: make an appointment to find out more!

Removable dentures: types and characteristics

Classification of removable dentures is performed by the amount of coverage:

  • complete removable dentures. They cover the lower, upper or both jaws, shown in absolute adentia;
  • partial. Used if the loss of teeth is partial or incomplete. It is important to preserve abutment teeth;
  • microprostheses. A removable denture is installed on one or more teeth.

The method of fastening removable prostheses is also important:

  • complete: fixation is performed using a vacuum created between the prosthesis and the mucous membrane;
  • conditionally removable (removable prostheses without sky). Available fixation methods are used to fix the prosthetic abutment teeth. Removable dentures without a palate are convenient and inexpensive;
  • on implants. Implants are implanted in the bone tissue, in the future they will perform the function of support.

High-quality removable dentures for the lower jaw, upper jaw and without palate can be made of durable plastic, nylon, supplemented with an elastic lining, acrylic and other materials.

Prosthesis care

Removable dentures require more careful care than non-removable ones, but it also does not take much time. In the first days after installation of prostheses the increased salivation, change of taste sensations and disturbance of diction can be observed – it is normal, the term of the adaptation period makes from 1 to 14 days. To speed up the addiction process, it is recommended to talk more, read aloud, smile and perform exercises to restore natural facial expressions. It is necessary to ensure proper care of the prosthesis and oral cavity:

  • rinsing the prosthesis and mouth after each meal under running water;
  • refusal to eat nuts, seeds, crackers, driers and other excessively solid foods;
  • use of low-abrasive pastes;
  • at temporary removal – to provide storage in the place protected from the sun, having preliminary wrapped a prosthesis in a pure cotton napkin;
  • during long-term storage – placing the prosthesis in a special container.

At long storage out of an oral cavity the damp environment allows to keep the form and characteristics of a prosthesis. After each removal, the prosthesis should be rinsed with water to prevent the accumulation of food particles and then bacteria. 1-2 times a year you need to visit the dentist: he will carry out professional hygiene of the prosthesis and assess the condition of the oral cavity. Proper and regular care will help maintain the original characteristics of the prosthesis significantly extending its life.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of installing dentures depends on the amount of work, the type of orthopedic structure and the materials from which it is made, as well as the number of replaced teeth. For example, plastic plates with clamps - a budget option for prosthetics from one tooth, soft nylon - a more expensive model for any area, clasps - a convenient design in case there are no 6 or more teeth.
The type of prosthesis attachment determines the amount of coverage. Partial dentures are attached with brackets or locks (telescopic solution), which ensures the presence of abutment teeth. Fastening of full prostheses on gums is carried out at the expense of the closing valve and vacuum, the last can be strengthened by means of special cream.
Removable orthopedic structures differ in type and attachment, production material and coating area. They can be complete or partial, the latter are fastened with staples or locks. The prosthesis can completely or partially replace dental units without violating the overall aesthetics of the smile.
The price is calculated individually taking into account the type of prosthesis, the number of dental units and other factors. In the clinic "Artstomatology" there is a quality guarantee for removable prosthetics, contact our representative to learn more about prices, terms and materials.
The prosthesis should be rinsed with warm water, but not boiling water before sending for storage. After removal and rinsing, the prosthesis can be further cleaned with toothpaste without abrasive particles. Dentists recommend wearing long dentures, especially in the first weeks of adaptation. In subsequent times, the prosthesis should be worn daily for at least a couple of hours a day to prevent deformation and loss of performance. The method of storage directly depends on the model of the prosthesis. Many modern prostheses do not need to be stored in water or antibacterial solution, due to the specifics of the materials: just buy a special box, preventing the ingress of dust and moisture, it will be orthopedic design at rest.
It is forbidden to clean dentures with abrasive-based formulations. Soda is not the best solution for cleaning, abrasive destroys artificial enamel and contributes to the loss of original characteristics. Suppose cleaning with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste without abrasives, or with the use of effervescent tablets. Never use baking soda, vinegar, salt or other aggressive substances to clean dentures. It is enough to visit the dentist 2-3 times a year to preserve the characteristics of the prosthesis and prevent its failure.
Feedback from our clients

We are proud that most of our patients apply to Artstomatology on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. After all, positive feedback on work is better than any advertisement. We are very pleased with this, and we continue to fill Kherson with people with sparkling smiles every day.

star Alina

““Отличная клиника! Персонал заставит Вас почувствовать себя как дома сразу, как только вы войдете в дверь. Команда очень профессионально изучила мою проблему и предложила верное решение. Артстоматология проделала большую работу, я чувствовала, что попала в надежные руки. Врач очень хорошо все объяснил и дал много ценных советов. Спасибо!””

star Andrey

“Лучшее стоматологическое обслуживание, которое я когда-либо испытывал! Профессиональный, вежливый и дружелюбный персонал заставил меня почувствовать себя, словно я – часть большой семьи Артстоматологии!!! Очень рекомендую всем !!!”

star Petr

“Персонал отличный. Очень гостеприимный и дружелюбный. Стоматолог толково ведет прием, предоставил всю информацию. Я согласился на сложную процедуру, а затем на поддержание и чистку. Каждый визит подобен встрече со старым другом. Я очень доволен результатами и приду сюда со всеми своими стоматологическими потребностями в будущем!”