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Bone grafting in Kherson

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Osteoplasty or bone augmentation of the jaw is prescribed to form the implant bed. The method is used to correct the consequences of trauma, atrophic modifications, or other congenital or acquired defects of the jaw. Bone grafting in dentistry is carried out before the installation of the implant, followed by prosthetics, in cases when the patient’s own tissues are insufficient or they cannot reliably fix the prosthetic structure.

Bone augmentation in the lower jaw is performed with special materials that allow the prosthesis to function well. The procedure also provides an aesthetic component, as it allows you to restore the oval of the face and the correct position of the lips, correct diction and occlusion, restore chewing function and prevent problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

When is bone grafting necessary

  • fractures of the jaw, gunshot wounds or other consequences of mechanical stress;
  • the jawbone was affected by oncological diseases;
  • natural modifications to the structure of the bone, due to age-related changes;
  • increasing the volume for the installation of the implant;
  • prevention of bone thinning after complex tooth extraction;
  • elimination of defects formed as a result of inflammation of the periodontal tissues.

Bone grafting during dental implantation is not performed if inflammatory processes develop in the oral cavity, the patient suffers from systemic osteoporosis, cancer, blood pathologies or HIV. Taking anamnesis at the initial examination reveals the presence of contraindications, or factors that delay the operation.

Stages of bone grafting

Since bone augmentation in the upper jaw, as well as in the lower one, is a false surgical operation, the procedure consists of several stages:

  • X-ray or tomographic diagnostics;
  • anesthesia;
  • antiseptic treatment of the working area;
  • cutting soft tissues;
  • injection of bone material;
  • suturing the gum.

The bone tissue of the tooth is augmented by means of special materials of synthetic or animal origin. The clinic in Kherson uses only a certified safe product recommended by the dental community.

Bone grafting price

Prices for bone augmentation in dentistry can vary greatly depending on the chosen clinic and the range of measures taken. Sometimes, when there are inflammations, cysts or polyps, it is necessary to carry out appropriate therapy before direct operations to restore the structure and volume of the bone.

Bone augmentation methods

  • sinus lift – is used to restore the structure of the bone located in the maxillary sinuses;
  • splitting of the alveolar ridge – detachment of the mucous membrane, the spreading of bone structures and their filling with osteplastic material;
  • autologous transplantation – the patient’s own tissues from the chin or wisdom tooth are used for building;
  • directed regeneration – the gum bone is separated from the mucous membrane by means of a biocompatible collagen membrane, which prevents the growth of soft tissues into the bone.

Since our clinic is modern technically equipped, and the staff has the highest qualification category, all operations are safe, painless and guaranteed to be successful. In addition, the cost for bone augmentation is affordable for all patients, even at an age. Sign up for a consultation with a specialized specialist and get all the information you need.

Frequently asked questions

Bone grafting is a procedure to build up atrophied, altered, thinned bone tissue or other defects. For this, various surgical techniques and synthetic or natural materials are used.
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