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Tooth extraction in Kherson

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Tooth extraction is a surgical dental operation to remove a diseased and non-viable tooth from the alveoli. It is used in emergencies when the tissues can not be cured or their treatment is impractical, and this is determined only by a doctor after the necessary examination. Tooth loss can not go unnoticed by humans, and affects not only the aesthetic dentition, but also the work of the gastrointestinal tract, as it does not provide normal chewing. Therefore, if molars, canines or incisors can be preserved and restored in their natural forms, the doctor will choose not to pull out the teeth, but to cure them.

Tooth extraction indications

Indications for removal can be divided into two categories. General indications are associated with the risk of developing various diseases due to infection of dental tissues. These include diseases of the myocardium, kidneys, endocardium and more.

Local indications for tooth extraction include:

  • Deep caries that affects the tooth root;
  • Various inflammatory processes of the periodontal soft tissues, such as acute or chronic periodontitis, destruction of hard tissues, other pathological processes;
  • Features of the anatomical location, which contributes to the injury of the oral mucosa: a strong tilt towards the tongue or on the eve of the mouth, a superset of teeth;
  • Providing optimal conditions for effective prosthetics. If there are single teeth that will interfere with the stabilization of the prosthesis or roots that can not be used to form the support of the prosthesis, it is necessary to pull out the tooth;
  • Fractures of the tooth root in the longitudinal or transverse direction caused by various traumatic factors.

However, despite the apparent simplicity of the operation, there are a number of contraindications that lead to delayed manipulation or require special training of the patient. These include cardiovascular disease in the acute phase, pathology of the kidneys, liver, central nervous system, ARI, the presence of malignant tumors on the jaws. It is also necessary to refrain from extraction by pregnant women in the first and third trimesters.

Tooth extraction takes place in a specially equipped office after anesthesia. There are several types of tooth extraction:

  • Full – the doctor removes all the organ complexes of the tooth along with the root system;
  • Resection – there is a separation and removal of only the upper part of the root, which is a granuloma or cyst;
  • Hemisection – if a tooth has several roots, one of them is stored to ensure the viability of the tooth.

To remove a tooth efficiently and quickly in Kherson, it is enough to make an appointment with our surgeon. We work with both scheduled and urgent patients when there is acute pain and surgery is required. Modern diagnostic equipment allows you to see the real picture of the condition of the teeth and determine the need for extraction or treatment, as well as the optimal method of removal.

Tooth extraction, price

The cost of tooth extraction can vary depending on the set of necessary measures, but in our clinic it is always available to all categories of clients. Extracting a tooth is always a radical decision, so your doctor may advise you to treat it. With pulpitis or periodontitis, removal of the nerve from the tooth, cleaning of canals and fillings can preserve the beauty and functionality of the dentition for many years.

Removal of 7 lower teeth, as well as others is performed under mandatory anesthesia. Sometimes the patient may have molars with five countries or with countries of complex shape, so the doctor may order an X-ray to familiarize himself with the structure and configuration. Also for the removal of the root of the tooth, the price will include an X-ray or tomographic image, as if it is broken due to injury, you need to see the overall picture of the condition of the tissues and the presence of fragments.

Complicated tooth extraction is performed by cutting the gums, sawing the tooth with special tools. Most often it can be applied to eight molars (wisdom teeth) or in cases with incorrect arrangement or development of roots. Because the procedure is more complex and time consuming, the cost is higher than with simple extraction of single- or double-rooted teeth.

Removal of the upper tooth, molars, incisors or canines can be done by various methods, both complete extraction and resection or hemisection. Dental surgeons of our clinic have various techniques for removing teeth and perform work efficiently, painlessly and without the risk of any complications. The necessary technical and instrumental equipment for diagnostic examinations, therapies and operations can guarantee compliance with medical standards and affordability for all, regardless of age or complexity of the case.

You can find out the cost of removing a tooth nerve, how the procedure is performed, and make an appointment with a dentist, surgeon, therapist, orthodontist, hygienist or other profile by phone. When contacting the manager of the clinic can ask any questions – we are always happy to help you solve the problem cheaply and quickly.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of tooth extraction surgery is formed by several factors: the method of extraction, the need for radiological or tomographic examinations, the complexity of the procedure and the necessary set of additional measures. Learn more about the operation and the features of its implementation at the consultation of a dental surgeon.
Doctors recommend rinsing your mouth after each meal with plain water, furacillin or chlorhexidine. But when using decoctions of chamomile, oak bark or calendula, the healing process is faster. The liquid should be warm but not hot, and the rinse should be light so as not to injure the wound.
Doctors recommend rinsing your mouth after each meal with plain water, furacillin or chlorhexidine. But when using decoctions of chamomile, oak bark or calendula, the healing process is faster. The liquid should be warm but not hot, and the rinse should be light so as not to injure the wound.
The extraction procedure is painful, but you should not be afraid of it, as the operation is performed under anesthesia. Used anesthetic drugs are certified and selected for each patient individually, after collecting a history of possible allergic reactions.
The duration of discomfort and possible pain is personal to each person. For some it may take several hours for others for several days. The doctor always recommends special painkillers, in case the pain will cause severe suffering, but if it is too intense and does not pass in 2-3 days, you need to see a dentist for examination and identification of the causes of complications.
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