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Wisdom tooth removal in Kherson

from 800 uah

Wisdom teeth, eights or third molars are the last teeth in a row that appear later than everyone else, on average after 18 years. There are people who do not erupt and this is considered the physiological norm. Unlike other molars, they had no milk precursor and erupted directly from the formed bone tissue in the adult jaw. Due to these and other features of development, various dental problems often occur and it is necessary to perform the removal of wisdom teeth to eliminate them.

Removal of eights is required if:

  • It is located physiologically incorrect;
  • There are various complications at the stage of eruption (due to inflammation, a purulent sinus is formed);
  • Carious education of the seventh unit;
  • Pulpitis or periodontitis, which cannot be cured by conservative methods;
  • Deep caries of eight.

Thus, not all pathological conditions are solved by mandatory removal, and extraction, as in the case of other teeth, is performed when it is impossible or impractical to treat. This is decided by the doctor during the examination and diagnostic procedures.

Stages of wisdom tooth removal

To remove a wisdom tooth in the clinic is simple and painless, as the surgery is performed under anesthesia. In mild cases, without complications, it takes 10-15 minutes, and in complex – it is necessary to carry out additional manipulations, which affects the algorithm and duration of action.

Stages of removal of 8 teeth are as follows:

  • Collection of anamnesis, carrying out of diagnostic actions (X-ray of CT);
  • Anesthesia with safe drugs;
  • In mild cases, the tooth is fixed with forceps and removed, and in complex cases, the gums are dissected and the jaw bone is drilled with a drill or ultrasound machine;
  • Extraction. If the molar is large or the root of the wisdom tooth has a complex shape, it is divided into parts and the fragments are extracted from the alveoli separately;
  • Wash and disinfect the wound;
  • Suturing (on occasion).

Wisdom tooth treatment can be a difficult and problematic task due to the awkward location. But modern therapeutic techniques allow to maintain its viability, if it is appropriate and expedient: the doctor will determine after the examination and the need for extraction is discussed with the patient. For example, in Europe, America and Canada, wisdom teeth are removed immediately after their appearance, but in Kherson, if it is possible to save eight – the doctor will make every effort to do so.

When a wisdom tooth grows, the symptoms are very bright and painful. Sometimes in the area of ​​eruption the gum flows out, and the temperature may appear. Such complications occur when the breakthrough goes in the wrong direction, ie is pathological. This can lead to the development of pericoronaritis. It is not necessary to be engaged in self-medication or to use prescriptions of national medicine, aggravating pathology, and to carry out wisdom tooth removal in dental clinic.

Wisdom tooth removal price

The price of molar extraction services in Kherson is different. Even within a single wisdom tooth removal facility, the cost can vary and is sometimes quite palpable. This is due to the fact that each case is individual and if one procedure takes 10-15 minutes, the other may need to do an X-ray or CT scan, cut the gums and tooth, remove the roots separately and take an additional picture to ensure the absence of any remnants of hard tissues or fragments. Such complex operations take longer and more time-consuming, respectively, the final cost of the service will consist of a set of all implemented manipulations.

By contacting us in Kherson, you have access to quality and inexpensive services of certified experienced dental surgeons. Here is everything you need to ensure the health of your teeth, regardless of age or complexity of the pathology. Make an appointment at a convenient time and discuss with your doctor the best treatment option in a particular case.

Atypical wisdom tooth removal

Complicated wisdom tooth removal is performed with the help of special tools and boron in cases when the use of forceps and an elevator is not possible. Most often, the method can be used for dystopia (incorrect location) or retention (impossibility of eruption) of teeth or incomplete extraction.

Atypical removal of an uncut wisdom tooth is a rather complex and time-consuming process performed by a surgeon with an assistant. To do this, various tools are used and additional actions are performed to erupt the soft tissues of the gums, saw teeth or bones. If extraction from the upper jaw is a little easier, then the removal of the lower wisdom tooth often requires a lot of professional effort, so there are clinics that do not do this service.

You can see a doctor both in a planned and urgent manner. Dental problems can manifest themselves suddenly, there are a number of cases when the operation must be performed very carefully and accurately or postponed for some time. For example, wisdom tooth removal during pregnancy is not recommended in the first or third trimester. The optimal time for this is the end of the second trimester or 7-8 months. By this time, the fetal organs have been formed and the procedure does not pose a danger to him.

Ultrasound removal of a wisdom tooth is also recommended if:

  • The roots are irregularly shaped or fused with the bone tissue of the jaw;
  • The coronal part is severely damaged;
  • Wrong placement in the dentition;
  • There are obstacles to the normal and proper growth of the molar;
  • Poor blood clotting.

Learn more about the benefits and specifics of methods of removing eights, consult a surgeon. Make an appointment at a convenient time and get the best price and quality dental services in Kherson.

Rehabilitation period after wisdom tooth removal

The healing rate of the hole depends on the method of removal, but it is always necessary to provide good conditions for the fastest rehabilitation. Usually unpleasant pain persists for about a day, but there are cases when the symptoms persisted for up to 5-7 days. If the pain is acute and throbbing you need to see a doctor to prevent wound infection.

It is necessary to observe oral hygiene twice a day and after eating rinse your mouth with clean water or decoction of chamomile, oak bark or calendula. This will decontaminate the oral cavity and speed up the healing process.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of the procedure depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the operation, the need to perform other diagnostic or therapeutic measures and more. More information can be obtained by contacting the managers of our clinic.
The figure eight is removed only in a specially equipped office under anesthesia. To do this, use a special tool for extraction.
The condition in which it is necessary to carry out the extraction causes considerable discomfort and pain. But, thanks to the use of modern effective anesthetics, the operation itself is painless throughout the procedure. Therefore, the patient will not feel discomfort during the doctor's work.
The wisdom tooth is the last in the dentition, and the eighth from the middle. In some people it does not erupt and the last remains the seventh. It is impossible to miss the growth of the third molar, as it is accompanied by characteristic pain.
In total, a person can grow 4 wisdom teeth: one on each side of the upper and lower jaw. But they do not always erupt and there are cases when they do not exist.
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