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Tooth cyst removal

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A tooth cyst is a dense tumor in the form of a capsule containing pus. It develops due to infection of soft tissues and decay products of pathogenic microflora. In the initial form of development, cystic formations do not have any clear symptoms, so it is detected when fully formed and begins to hurt. Treatment of dental cysts is mandatory, as it can lead to serious consequences, the complexity of which depends on the location of education and its size

A cyst at the root of the tooth appears due to:

  • Untreated caries;
  • Inadequate treatment of dental root canals;
  • Mechanical injuries;
  • Infectious and inflammation of the mouth or nasopharynx.

Tooth cyst in the maxillary sinus is a common reason for contacting our clinic in Kherson. It is removed only surgically after diagnostic measures to identify its exact location (X-ray, computed tomography). Unfortunately, such patients go to the dentist after unsuccessful therapy at the ENT, so the cause of the illness was not identified and precious time was lost. A cyst in a tooth is often mistaken for normal sinusitis and is treated with conservative methods that do not work, while it requires surgical removal.

For a dental cyst, surgery is the only treatment. The clinic uses various methods of intervention as:

  • Cystomy – a cyst becomes a cavity that is transmitted to the oral cavity providing the outflow of pus. The procedure is slightly traumatic, but requires longer therapy and regular radiological monitoring;
  • Cisectomy – the cyst on the tooth is removed completely, and the cavity is blocked;
  • Resection – a method that saves the tooth, as it removes only the cyst of the tooth root and the affected hard tissue;
  • Hemisection – removes the purulent pocket from the root or part of the tooth. The method is suitable in cases where the root is severely affected and destroyed by infection and can not be saved. Defects of the dental crown are then eliminated by restoration of the form or crown.

A cyst under the tooth is a dangerous condition that, if misdiagnosed, delayed a visit to the doctor and adequate therapy can lead to the development of acute or chronic periodontitis, periostitis, osteomyelitis, sepsis. As a result, treatment will be more complex, complex, long.

If before, in the absence of an alternative, tooth extraction was the only way to get rid of cystic education, it is now possible to treat without the risk of losing a molar, canine or incisor. In addition, the optimal therapeutic method can be determined by various criteria and dynamics of pathological processes. Therefore, in more than half of the cases, the functionality and aesthetic dentition are preserved.

Stages of tooth cyst removal

Treatment of a dental cyst can be performed therapeutically or surgically, but the algorithm of the doctor’s actions is largely similar:

  • Examination of the oral cavity and X-ray or CT examination of the oral cavity;
  • Introduction of anesthesia;
  • Opening of dental canals. If the tooth was previously treated and the canals are sealed – they are cleaned;
  • Removal of pus from the cystic formation or the removed cyst together with part of the affected root;
  • Administration of drugs;
  • On repeated visits, the canals are cleaned, filled, and the anatomical shape of the tooth is reproduced.

In the process of recovery, the cavity from which the cyst was removed, self-overgrown with bone and soft tissue. In addition to therapeutic and surgical methods, the doctor may remove a tooth with a cyst if the damage is too severe and it is impossible to maintain the viability of damaged tissues.

Because the treatment of dental cysts is quite complex and complex, all manipulations should be performed by a specialist in a dental clinic. The availability of diagnostic equipment allows to optimize the treatment process and reduce the financial and time costs of patients, as well as the duration of their suffering. Dental cyst, depending on the location and complexity of the case is removed in one or more sessions, painless and inexpensive in our clinic in Kherson.

Tooth cyst removal price

The cost of removing a tooth cyst depends on the complexity of the operation of the complex of necessary therapeutic and therapeutic actions. By contacting us, you will receive a professional approach and the optimal solution for the elimination of follicular, retromolar, radicular and residual cysts, regardless of its location and level of destructive action. High-precision technical equipment allows you to choose the appropriate method of influence, and at the same time make services available to any client, regardless of age or status. Appointments for the initial consultation are made by phone. In an emergency, you can go to the clinic, and physicians or surgeons will provide emergency care.

Removal of a tooth cyst postoperative period

After removal of the cyst, the patient is prescribed antibiotics to prevent the development of inflammatory processes. The doctor also prescribes painkillers, as for some time the patient may feel more at the site of surgery.

After the intervention, you can not eat for 4 hours, and foods should not be cold or hot. After eating, rinse your mouth with clean water or antiseptic healing gels. Swelling of the gums or cheeks may persist for several days after the procedure, but if it does not subside and sharp throbbing pain appears – you need to see a doctor immediately.

Frequently asked questions

A tooth cyst is a kind of capsule with fluid or pus, which is formed on the root tissues due to infection and inflammation of various kinds. In the early stages of the disease is asymptomatic, but with reduced immunity, the tumor begins to grow rapidly and develop and enters an active stage, causing a lot of suffering. This requires urgent surgery to prevent serious consequences.
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