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Gum recession treatment in Kherson

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Gum recession is a process of tissue degeneration that results in the exposure of the tooth roots on the upper or lower jaw. The omission may cover one or more teeth. Since there are no symptoms at the initial stage of the pathology, it is easy to miss its development. To avoid this and take the necessary measures to preserve teeth and gums in a timely manner, it is recommended to conduct a routine examination by a dentist at least twice a year. You can do it in Kherson cheaply and quickly, by making an appointment with our specialist.

Exposing the roots of the teeth is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also contributes to the formation of various dental problems, of which the increase in sensitivity is the most harmless. Untreated gum recession can lead to caries, inflammation and tooth loss. Timely treatment and appointment of treatment allows you to maintain the health and beauty of a smile at any age at minimal cost.

If in the initial stages of omission, for the recession of the gums, medical treatment will be effective, then in advanced cases, only surgery will help restore the structure of soft tissues. The procedure allows you to restore a healthy gum contour and completely cover the exposed areas of the roots, protecting them from complications.

Gum recession causes

Exposure of the neck of the tooth can occur for different reasons, respectively, the treatment regimen will differ depending on them:

  • due to poor oral hygiene, an accumulation of tartar and plaque formed;
  • pathological condition of the gums and neck of the tooth: periodontitis, gingivitis, periodontitis;
  • injuries and mechanical damage to the gum tissue;
  • short bridle;
  • wrong bite;
  • implants and prostheses were selected or installed incorrectly;
  • tooth or bone removal.

Changes in the structure of soft tissues can be seen on their own, as the teeth are visually elongated, become more sensitive and food gets stuck between them, causing discomfort. At the first signs of exposure of the neck of the tooth, you need to go to the clinic to prevent complications. Timely diagnosis and treatment is a success of therapy.

Gum recession treatment and price

Depending on the level of pathological changes, there are several treatments:

  • professional dental hygiene with removal of hard and soft plaque, stones;
  • drug correction in the early stages;
  • gum plastics with the use of cheek, palate or other periodontal tissues;
  • the use of non-removable membranes to stimulate the natural regeneration of soft tissues.

The cost of gum recession surgery depends on the method of treatment and the degree of pathological changes. The specialist decides which method of treatment to use after diagnosing the patient. In our clinic, even the most complex and complex operations are affordable. Make an appointment with a specialist dentist and make your teeth healthy in the shortest possible time and for little money.

Frequently asked questions

Gum recession is a pathological dystrophic condition of soft tissues that descend, revealing the roots of the tooth. Neck exposure can occur for various reasons, and professional dental care is required to restore the shape and protective function of the gums.
There are medical and mechanical methods for treating recession, which are used at the initial stage of the development of pathological changes. If the process is running and the prolapse is strong, then a surgical method is used with plastic surgery of the gums or the use of special membranes for the regeneration of soft tissues.
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