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Canal filling in Kherson

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Root canal filling is a sealing procedure after pulp removal. It prevents the development of infections and weakening. All works in Kherson are carried out under local anesthesia, using drills and certified filling materials. The pulp is the position inside the tooth in which the nerve endings are located and feed their blood vessels. If a person has a carious formation and does not consult a doctor, then from time to time the tooth is destroyed, and the pulp receives pathogenic microflora, which causes the development of inflammation. At this stage, there is acute pain, which can not be ignored or removed with painkillers, and the need for urgent dental intervention.

Improper cleaning and filling of tooth canals can lead to extensive inflammation of the soft tissues that pass into the bone, which will be harder to deal with. To avoid periodontitis and osteomyelitis, it is enough to detect and cure caries in time, but if you raise and develop pulpitis in time, cure it.

Inflammation of the pulp is caused by:

  • Bacteria of groups of streptococci that have penetrated deep into the channels through carious microcracks;
  • Bacteria that penetrate the internal channels through cracks in the enamel, the result of mechanical injuries;
  • Circulatory disorders, nerve damage;
  • Periodontal diseases.

Existing root canal filling methods are progressive, effective and inexpensive. They eliminate the risks of voids and depressurization, which may soon lead to recurrence of the infectious process. The most popular techniques, experts note the sealing of the channels with hot gutta-percha, which when the hardening hardens, form monolithic formations. The material is plastic, and after application is not able to develop any complications. E&Q Plus technology is an innovative method that allows you to condemn the filling of canals with the teeth of one tooth in different ways. Gutta-percha is used as a material, which is heated by a special gun, directly in the channels.

However, there are other popular methods of filling dental canals, and the choice in favor of one or another option is made by your doctor.

In which cases the channel is sealed

Channel sealing is used in various cases, such as:

  • Pulpitis is an infection and inflammation of the nervous tissue inside the dental canals, which is provoked by an acute illness. It develops from untreated caries and requires appropriate treatment;
  • Periodontitis – the development of inflammatory processes in the bone tissues of the upper root of the tooth. The pathology is treated in two stages, as after cleaning requires the placement of drugs and the installation of temporary seals;
  • Prosthetics – installation of implants and prostheses is carried out only after a full choice from any pathologies and, if necessary, filling of channels to exclude development of inflammatory processes at the established orthopedic design.

Canal filling is not performed if there are serious periodontal lesions or if the canal has any destruction or damage. If the tooth cannot be restored, the doctor will advise to remove it.

Stages of canal sealing

Dental canal treatment can take one or more visits – it all depends on the degree of tissue damage and the need for additional measures to develop and spread infections. When going to the clinic in Kherson, the doctor examines the patient and takes an X-ray of the affected area.

After the pulpitis is always accompanied by acute excruciating pain, the patient is administered anesthesia before starting work. If the inflammation developed under the installed filling, the treatment of the tooth canal is performed after its impact and cleaning of the affected enamel and soft tissues. If the infection has not killed the nerve and its functionality can be restored, the doctor will simply apply the necessary set of drugs to the dental canals, install a temporary filling and set a date for the next visit.

If the nerve cannot be saved after medical treatment, it is carefully removed, the dental canals are sterilized, dried and filled with sealing materials. It turns out that the tooth is visually intact, but before the cover it crumbles. If such destruction is increased by 60%, the doctor will advise to install a crown. In this case, the canals in the teeth are also filled.

Sealing of channels the price

The cost of filling dental canals depends on such parameters as the number of roots, their length, shape, structure, method of filling. Sometimes it is necessary to work under a microscope, which increases the final price of services. However, in our clinic we offer affordable services, as health is above all.

Rehabilitation after filling the tooth canal

Duct cleaning and sealing is a complex, precise job that requires special attention. It is unacceptable that the infection remained, soft tissue particles or sealing material did not spread evenly along the entire length of the root cavity. This leads to recurrent inflammation, which can result in tooth loss.

In our dental clinic, the quality of work and materials is guaranteed, which means that the patient will not feel serious discomfort or pain after the anesthesia. You can make an appointment with a doctor by contacting the operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different methods and materials are used for filling dental canals, which are selected depending on the structure and shape of the canals. The filling material is introduced after cleaning the channels from the remnants of pulp and inflamed tissues.
Gutta-percha is most often used for filling root canals, which has sufficient plasticity and viscosity to fill the space without the formation of voids, providing complete tightness. Dentists can also use sealers in the form of special polymer, natural or glass ionomer cements.
The number of canals in the teeth is one of their physiological features of man. Depending on the group of teeth, they can have from 1 to 4 canals, rarely five (wisdom teeth and molars).
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