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Caries treatment in Kherson

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Dental caries is a common reason for going to the dental clinic in Kherson. The disease develops over a long period of time, and people may not even have guessed its presence until the destruction has reached serious proportions. It is possible to recognize defeats of hard tissues of a tooth at an initial stage when treatment will take a minimum of time and efforts. For this purpose it is enough to pass obligatory inspection of an oral cavity at the dentist twice a year and to make professional cleaning of teeth. Even the most careful hygiene twice a day can not always completely kill pathogenic microflora in a mouth. Bacteria and microbes multiply rapidly and destroy tooth enamel, penetrating deeper into the tissues. The causes of caries are streptococci of the Mutans and Sangius families. They cling well to the tooth surface and feed on leftover food, especially sweet. Even if most of the colony is destroyed after cleaning or special rinsing, only a few hours are enough for the population to recover. Therefore, it is very difficult to fight them.

The main reasons for the formation of carious formations include:

  • Improper and untimely oral hygiene and brushing teeth;
  • Improper diet, including large amounts of protein and carbohydrate foods and a small amount of raw fruits and vegetables;
  • Deficiency of some categories of microminerals;
  • Transferred rickets or tuberculosis;
  • Decreased immunity;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Caries prevention is to review the diet, proper hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, who will detect changes in the early stages and eliminate their further development. If the destruction of the enamel has already begun, it is impossible to deal with it at home, so make an appointment with a qualified doctor in Kherson and get quality, inexpensive professional help.

The disease has several stages of development. In caries stage can be determined by the degree of changes in the affected hard tissues, namely:

  • Initial – on the surface of the teeth appear clarified areas, the so-called demineralization. Then the cells darken and the texture becomes rough;
  • Medium – there is a lesion of the dentin layer, which is located under the enamel. In process of destruction the carious cavity which is well felt by the patient is formed;
  • Deep – inflammation and destruction go beyond the dentin and cause various complications. Treatment of deep caries is a complex and complex process and sometimes it may take several visits to the doctor for therapy.

In caries, the symptoms are almost invisible, especially if it develops in the interdental space. Only in the last stage, which is accompanied by acute pain, a person can learn that his teeth are not healthy. If in adults caries has a delayed chronic nature, then in children this pathology develops extremely actively, which leads to the rapid destruction of deciduous teeth. Therefore, preventive examinations are an important condition for a beautiful and healthy smile at any age.

Caries removal is performed exclusively in a clinic certified by dentists. Depending on the stage of the disease, therapeutic measures can be performed under anesthesia. Improperly treated caries leads to the formation of pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp, nerves and blood vessels in the root canals), which increases the level of suffering of the patient and makes the risk of tooth loss particularly high.

Caries treatment is performed with the help of special dental equipment, tools and certified materials. Our clinic in Kherson uses various advanced therapies and has its own diagnostic department, which allows you to quickly carry out the necessary treatment.

Caries treatment price in Kherson

The price for caries treatment in Ukraine varies depending on the specific clinic, treatment technique, quality of materials used, the presence of complications caused by the disease and more. We work for the result and strive to make services available to all categories of clients without compromising the quality of treatment. Therefore, the clinic has the necessary technical equipment, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, tools, materials and the client receives qualified treatment in one place promptly.

As additional treatment may be required in advanced cases, the total cost of services may increase. To avoid unnecessary costs and discomfort, it is recommended to conduct regular routine checkups at the dentist and stop the development of carious cavities at an early stage of development. If time is lost, the price for caries treatment is always available and doctors will restore the functionality of the tooth in one or more sessions.

Types of caries treatment

Caries therapy depends on the area of ​​localization and stage of pathology. If the treatment of superficial caries at the stage of the stain may include only remineralization of tissues with saturation with fluoride or calcium, for more serious damage it is necessary to open the tooth and clean the destroyed tissue.

The dental clinic in Kherson uses two types of treatment:

  • Invasive – for medium and deep caries treatment requires opening of the carious cavity and removal of the affected hard or soft tissues;
  • Non-invasive – treatment of caries without a drill: treatment with ozone, laser, air-abrasive method.

Treatment of caries without drilling can solve a fairly narrow range of dental problems, and there are cases when it is impossible to avoid complex and complex operations. These include the deep stage with the defeat of the pulp and periodontium, with large inflammatory processes. Since both the course of the disease and the direct treatment is quite painful, all actions are performed after the introduction of local anesthesia.

Treatment of cervical caries is quite a time consuming task, because due to its location, education is difficult to detect, especially if they are in the space between the teeth. Therefore, the treatment of any type of caries begins with an X-ray of the tooth, to determine the exact location of the destructive processes and the degree of tissue damage. Basal caries, cervical or interdental may require a number of other diagnostic procedures, as prescribed by a doctor, to determine the optimal method and set of operations for effective therapy.

Caries at the initial stage is easily and quickly treated without the need for complex mechanical, hardware and drug procedures. Non-invasive methods are most often used for this purpose. However, sometimes the disease is well disguised and at first glance under a small cavity, hiding serious large-scale destruction. Therefore, only a doctor can determine the condition of the tooth and what needs to be done for its rehabilitation.

When there is caries between the teeth, the negative impact can affect both teeth, and the level of destruction can be different. In this case, the dentist must make sure that the other tooth is not affected, and take measures to protect it. This will prevent the formation of carious cavities in the future and preserve his health.

Sometimes secondary caries develops after treatment. Typically, recurrence occurs in 30% within three years after treatment. Restarting the destruction mechanism can be affected by factors such as:

  • low quality of the installed seal;
  • formation of microcracks;
  • between the wall of the tooth and the filling there are cavities in which the pathogenic microflora develops;
  • medical errors and violations of sealing technology.

Caries under the filling requires re-opening of the tooth, quality cleaning of the cavity and filling. If you miss treatment, the tooth gradually breaks down and you will need to remove it or install an implant, which is expensive, uncomfortable and time consuming. Therefore, you need to be sensitive and attentive to your health.

It is best to see a dentist when you feel pain while eating cold / hot or sour / sweet food. This is the first sign of the beginning of the destructive process. Ignoring the symptoms leads to the development of acute caries, the treatment of which is more time consuming and comprehensive.

By contacting our clinic in Kherson you will receive a full range of dental services on good terms. Advanced technical equipment and highly qualified personnel allow to take the most difficult clinical cases and successfully overcome them. Deep, acute, interdental, cervical caries, the treatment of which requires special knowledge and skills – this is what we know how to eliminate without the risk of recurrence while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth. To make an appointment, just call the managers and choose a convenient time to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The appearance of carious formations depends on the stage of development. In the first stages, the structure and color of tooth enamel changes, then at this point the hard tissues begin to break down and cavities are formed, which later become deeper, affecting the pulp and periodontium. This stage is accompanied by acute pain, which is sometimes impossible to eliminate with painkillers.
Caries is a dental disease caused by the destructive effects of pathogenic microflora on hard tissues. It proceeds rather slowly and in the course of development carious cavities of various depth and the sizes are formed.
Caries is treated only in specially equipped dental clinics. At the first treatment, X-ray or CT scan is performed to determine all the parameters of the pathology, a treatment plan is developed and the necessary manipulations (treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis, cleaning and filling of canals). In severe cases, several visits to the doctor may be required.
The final cost of caries treatment depends on the stage of disease development and the set of necessary operations and procedures for its treatment. You can learn more about tariffs for services in our clinic on the website or by contacting our managers.
Preventing tooth decay is difficult, but possible. To do this, morning and evening oral hygiene and brush your teeth for at least 2.5-3 minutes with floss and floss, limit the consumption of sweet food, which is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and monitor the balance of vitamins and minerals. Also visit the dentist at least twice a year and do professional cleaning to destroy bacterial colonies.
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