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Periodontitis treatment in Kherson

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Inflammation of the soft tissue that surrounds the root of the tooth is called periodontitis. The infectious process can develop due to a variety of reasons, but it requires an urgent professional approach and solution. Periodontitis treatment in Kherson is carried out in a dental clinic, certified specialists. It has the necessary technical equipment for making a diagnosis, analyzing the condition of the teeth and implementing various therapeutic techniques with proven efficacy and safety. Patients of different ages at any stage of pathology development can become a client of the clinic.

There are several reasons for causing inflammation of the tissues adjacent to the tooth:

  • untreated advanced caries or pulpitis;
  • the pulp was removed poorly from the canals;
  • in the process of filling the root canals due to non-observance of the technique, voids were formed;
  • a person suffers from periodontal diseases;
  • inflammation that develops as a result of improper treatment;
  • injuries to the teeth.

If early diagnosis and the appointment of a course of therapy allows you to save time and money and not suffer, then the treatment of chronic periodontitis can not only be delayed in time, but also become an expensive pleasure, since for tissue rehabilitation it is necessary to carry out a whole range of medical procedures. Therefore, it is recommended, at the first symptoms of infection, to consult a doctor for a preventive examination and prescription of gentle therapy, if problems are detected.

Periodontitis treatment, stages

The scheme and stages of treatment of periodontitis depends on the stage of development of the disease and the method of exposure. Which technique is conservative or surgical is suitable in each specific case, is determined by the dentist. To do this, he examines the inflamed area and prescribes the necessary diagnostic examinations.

Stages of periodontitis treatment:

  • diagnostics (X-ray);
  • the introduction of an anesthetic drug;
  • removal of caries-affected hard tissues or fillings to open access to the dental root canals;
  • cleaning the canals from old fillings (on occasion) and removing the pulp;
  • expansion and canals and antiseptic treatment;
  • filling of canals and dental crown.

Surgical methods for treating periodontitis are also used, which consist in partial removal of a tooth root or complete extraction of a tooth. But this is an extreme case when there is no way to preserve the functionality and vitality of the tooth.

Periodontitis, symptoms

It is very difficult to miss the beginning of the development of the inflammatory process of soft tissues. The disease has residual vivid and tangible symptoms that cause severe discomfort and reduce the quality of life.

The symptoms of periodontitis are:

  • painful sensations when chewing food or when pressing on a tooth;
  • gradually the pain becomes prolonged, continuous, throbbing;
  • fever, insomnia, lethargy, lack of energy may appear;
  • bad breath appears;
  • teeth mobility is observed in the affected area;
  • the distance between the teeth increases;
  • the gum is swollen, redder, and bleeds;
  • cysts and granulomas are formed.

If the necessary measures are not taken to stop the further development of the infection, pus is formed in the soft tissues, which enters the oral cavity through carious holes or root canals. Neglected cases end in tooth loss.

Periodontitis treatment price

The cost of periodontitis treatment in Kherson depends on factors such as the degree of tissue damage, the number of root canals in a diseased tooth, a set of therapeutic procedures, and the chosen method of treatment. In our clinic, patients are guaranteed not only quality service and adherence to national and international standards and treatment protocols, but also affordable prices for the entire range of services.

Modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, certified materials, focus on results – this is what sets us apart from other clinics in Kherson. The staff consists only of doctors of the highest category, proficient in various treatment techniques. And all this at the best prices available to all patients, regardless of age. To make an appointment with a specialist, you need to contact the clinic manager and choose a convenient time for your visit.

Periodontitis classification

Periodontitis of the tooth can take different forms, which are classified according to the place of localization or the nature of the course.

At the place of development of periodontal inflammation are distinguished:

  • apical periodontitis – the focus of infection is located at the top of the tooth root. It is recognized as the mildest form of pathology and develops as a result of untreated pulpitis, inflammation from dental calculus or after prosthetics;
  • marginal periodontitis – inflammation affects the circular ligament of the teeth. The site of inflammation is located deep in the gum pockets. The disease develops as a result of the influence of various external factors that lead to damage to the gum tissue.

By the nature of the course, the disease is:

  • acute periodontitis is a strong inflammatory process of soft tissues, accompanied by acute pain both during exposure to the tooth and during periods of calm. It develops rather quickly and is characterized by darkening of the tooth, an increase in its mobility, swelling of the gums and swelling of the cheek;
  • acute serous periodontitis – characterized by the occurrence of pain for no apparent reason or mechanical effects, but with light pressure or tapping, the painful sensations become extremely acute;
  • acute purulent periodontitis – inflammation of the soft tissues near the roots of the tooth, leading to the development of an abscess and the destruction of the links that fix the tooth in the alveolus. This leads to the formation of pus, which comes out on its own or when you press on the appropriate area of ​​the gum. Purulent periodontitis requires a mandatory visit to the dentist;
  • chronic periodontitis – occurs as a result of untreated caries or pulpitis, as well as if treatment was not prescribed for acute periodontitis. Inflammation covers the entire area around the tooth root, leading to irreversible changes in tissue structure;
  • chronic fibrous periodontitis – boils down in the upper part of the tooth root. Periodontal ligaments become thicker, soft tissue cells are replaced by fibrous formations, scars are formed;
  • chronic granulomatous periodontitis is a dangerous stage of the disease, when tissue destroyed by pathological changes turns into granulomas, that is, bags of pus that form on the gums.

Chronic periodontitis can give various complications in the form of abscesses, fistulas, sepsis, osteomyelitis and tooth loss. Therefore, it is important to prevent the transition of the disease to the chronic stage and to consult a doctor in time for treatment.

Often, patients come to the clinic with wisdom tooth periodontitis. The causes of the pathology can be atypical growth of the molar, which, erupting, injures the adjacent tissues and makes them vulnerable to harmful microflora. Many people prefer not to treat, but to immediately remove the eight, but it is always better to discuss this issue with a doctor.

Prevention of periodontitis

To avoid inflammation, it is recommended to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid conditions that are harmful to the teeth. For example, traumatic periodontitis develops against the background of mechanical influences, which contribute to the formation of microcracks, chips, debris, through which into the tooth and periodontal tissues, causing the development of inflammatory processes.

In case of any deviations in the condition of the teeth and the occurrence of painful sensations – call our clinic and make an appointment with the doctor. Quality and high level of service are guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions

Periodontitis cannot be treated by folk remedies. Only a doctor after a diagnostic examination can prescribe adequate drug or mechanical therapy and guarantee the result. The treatment regimen may include medication and hardware cleaning of the affected area from damaged tissue or removal of a non-viable tooth.
Periodontitis is an inflammation of the soft tissues that are located around the tooth, ie the root sheath, leading to the destruction of its structure. It can occur for a variety of reasons, but requires immediate treatment to prevent the transition to a chronic stage, which will be more difficult to cure, more expensive and more painful.
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