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Pulpitis treatment in Kherson

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Pulpitis is an acute inflammation that requires urgent medical attention. The disease affects the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth, leading to the loss of its vitality. In case of untimely access to a doctor, the infection can spread to adjacent tissues, which will require long-term and complex treatment.

In our dental clinic, pulpitis is treated using advanced therapeutic methods and certified materials. We are happy to help patients of all ages with problems of any complexity.

The pulp of the tooth is located in the root canal and consists of soft tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels that feed the tooth. Infection can occur for various reasons, and the inflammatory process develops quite quickly and covers the entire length and volume of the nerve. It is impossible not to notice this condition, since the person experiences acute pain that does not go away after the use of pain medications.

The reasons for the development of pulp inflammation:

  • poor oral hygiene;
  • diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis;
  • deep caries;
  • the formation of cracks and chips in the tooth, through which pathogenic microflora gets inside;
  • excessive deposition of mineral compounds that replace the internal soft tissues of the tooth;
  • poor-quality treatment of caries, cleaning and filling of canals, the use of inappropriate materials, etc.

Regardless of which factor led to tissue inflammation, treatment in a specialized clinic is mandatory for dental pulpitis. At the same time, there is no need to delay the visit to the doctor, since the infection does not go away on its own from poultices or other folk methods, and the invaluable time during which the nerve can be saved is irretrievably lost. Pathology develops especially rapidly in children and here it is necessary to act as quickly as possible in order to ensure the health of permanent teeth.

Pulpitis symptoms

Tooth pulpitis has quite vivid signs that are difficult to miss or mistake for another disease, namely:

  • Sharp pain in a single tooth or jaw that gets worse at night, causing insomnia
  • teeth respond with acute pain to hot, cold, sweet or sour foods, reducing appetite;
  • pain sensations cover the entire jaw area, and is transmitted to the neck, ear or head;
  • in advanced cases, the body temperature rises.

Painful sensations can begin and end involuntarily and can be both aching and throbbing. Diagnostics is carried out according to the results of a visual and instrumental examination by a dentist, and if necessary, an X-ray or tomographic image will need to be taken. This will provide adequate treatment for pulpitis and eliminate the risk of recurrence of the infection.

Stages of pulpitis treatment

When symptoms characteristic of pulpitis appear, it is necessary to consult a dentist. The infection is quite insidious and develops rapidly in an enclosed space, covering new zones.

The treatment plan for dental nerve inflammation in the clinic includes:

  • the introduction of anesthesia;
  • preparation of a carious cavity;
  • if the pulp is severely destroyed and cannot be restored, it is removed from the root canals;
  • treatment of cavities with an antiseptic and the introduction of medications;
  • filling of canals;
  • restoration of the tooth crown.

After treatment of the inflammation of the tooth nerve, the pain disappears and the person can return to their usual diet and lifestyle. Relapses are minimal, with the exception of poor-quality physician services, materials used, and non-adherence to treatment techniques. In our clinic in Kherson, such risks are excluded, since the staff consists of dentists of the highest category, and certified drugs are used.

Pulpitis treatment methods

There are several effective treatments for nerve inflammation:

  • conservative – if it turns at the first symptoms of pulpitis, the nerve can be saved by stopping the development of the infection with special medications, applications or antibiotics;
  • surgical – the method is divided into two therapeutic techniques. Vital amputation involves removing the living pulp from the root canal. The canals are carefully cleaned under a microscope and then sealed. Devital amputation involves the introduction of a drug that destroys the nerve and establishes a temporary filling, which is removed after a certain time and after removing the dead pulp, the canals are sealed, and the shape of the tooth is restored.

Both methods are effective, and the doctor decides which one to use when drawing up a treatment plan.

Pulpitis treatment price

For the treatment of pulpitis, the cost is acceptable and affordable, but if you come to a specialist on time, at the first warning signs, you can avoid increasing the list of necessary procedures. Manipulations are carried out under anesthesia as indicated.

The complex of works can include various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. A tooth has from one to five canals that need cleaning and processing, which affects the formation of cost pulpitis treatment. Therefore, the exact amount is determined after examination and diagnosis.

In our clinic, the price for the treatment of pulpitis is the most affordable in Kherson, as we strive to open access to quality dental services to everyone who needs them, regardless of status or age. Sign up for a consultation and find out how we work.

Pulpitis classification

Inflammation of the dental nerve is classified depending on the specifics of the course of the pathology, and what symptoms it manifests itself. So the following types of pulpitis are distinguished:

  • acute – characterized by acute pain in the tooth and the adjacent area. Late treatment leads to a rapid transition to a chronic condition that requires more complex treatment. This category of inflammation, in turn, is divided into:
    acute focal pulpitis – the pain becomes more intense at night, and the attacks can last for several hours;
    acute diffuse pulpitis is the second stage of the disease, which occurs when the infection penetrates into the deeper layers of the neurovascular tissue. The pain is felt in the back of the head, temple, ear and it is difficult for a person to determine the exact localization and is often mistaken for another disease; acute purulent pulpitis – the developing infection leads to an increase in body temperature, the pain does not subside for almost a minute, the gum swells, pus flows out through the carious holes (if any) or accumulates under the gum. If not seen by a doctor, pus can cause sepsis and more serious complications;
  • chronic – if you skip the acute phase, it turns into a chronic one, which will regularly make itself felt, since there will be a constant focus of ongoing inflammation in the mouth. Chronic pulpitis also has several varieties:
    chronic fibrous pulpitis – due to prolonged exposure to infection, the pulp tissue is replaced by connective tissue, which interferes with the normal blood supply and nutrition of dentine and tooth enamel. Although there are problems, the person does not experience any discomfort or any symptoms;
    gangrenous pulpitis – tissues begin to break down and decompose, a characteristic heavy odor from the mouth appears, dentin becomes gray in color;
    hypertrophic pulpitis – soft tissue grows through carious holes in the tooth, and resembles bleeding polyps. They cause severe discomfort, interfere with the normal chewing of food, and cause pain.

Untreated pulpitis gives a person not only unnecessary physical suffering, but can also provoke serious changes in the body, which are fraught with tragic consequences, such as sepsis. The inflammatory process can spread to adjacent teeth, leading to their loss, to the ternary nerve, periodontium. You do not need to risk your health and pocket, but immediately visit a doctor

Pulpitis prevention

Methods for the prevention of pulpitis are known to everyone since childhood: good oral hygiene, proper nutrition and a visit to the doctor for a routine examination twice a year. This will help to avoid a wide range of dental pathologies or to detect them at an early stage of development, when the treatment will be prompt, effective and inexpensive. If you have any dental problems, sign up for a consultation with a doctor in Kherson and get quality and economy in one bottle.

Frequently asked questions

Pulpitis is treated in a specialized dental clinic after the necessary diagnostic measures. If the damage to the dental nerve is large and it is not possible to save it, the doctor cleans the root canals of infected soft tissues, after which they are filled with special materials and the anatomical shape of the tooth is recreated.
Pulpitis is an acute inflammatory process of the vascular-nervous bundle located in the root canals. The pathology occurs with severe pain and requires a professional approach.
Inflammation of the pulp has clear signs, such as unbearable throbbing pain that spreads to the head, ear and neck, especially at night, fever, pain when eating sweet, sour, hot or cold foods, and more. The corresponding diagnosis will be appointed only by the doctor after carrying out inspection and a complex of necessary diagnostic actions.
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