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Dental restoration in Kherson

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Tooth restoration is a set of dental procedures implemented to correct congenital and acquired defects in the shape and position of teeth. During this complex of cosmetic work, the restoration of hard tissues is carried out in accordance with the anatomical characteristics of a person, with the subsequent return of the function of the dentition. Dental reconstruction in Kherson is carried out by certified specialists using modern certified materials. Advanced technical equipment allows patients to regain confidence in themselves and in the power of their beautiful smile. It is inexpensive, fast, and efficient.

Cosmetic dental restoration is recommended for:

  • changing the shade of tooth enamel;
  • changing the shape of the teeth;
  • there are gaps between the teeth;
  • the integrity of the teeth was violated by injuries, cracks and chips formed on the surface;
  • restoration of anterior teeth after caries treatment.

There are many methods for correcting teeth that allow you to get a naturally beautiful smile in a short time. If restoration of aesthetic function is not always mandatory for molars and it is enough to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth with filling materials, restoration of the anterior tooth is an important and necessary decision. It has a strong psychological effect, but it also restores the natural functionality of the entire dentition.

In dentistry, dental restoration is one of the most demanded services among people of different ages. The procedure is safe and painless and is a good alternative to implants. Composite restoration of teeth is an inexpensive leveling of the surface of the teeth, restoration of their natural shape and position, which can be carried out in just one session.

Stages of tooth restoration:

  • cleaning the surface from soft plaque;
  • the choice of material is identical in shade to natural teeth;
  • if necessary, local anesthesia is performed;
  • elimination of destroyed or inflamed tissues;
  • protection of the surface from moisture ingress;
  • application of restoration materials;
  • surface grinding and polishing.

Tooth restoration price

The price for the restoration of teeth in Ukraine can be both high and low, while a guarantee of quality and durability is not provided. In our clinic in Kherson, each client gets the opportunity to inexpensively get a beautiful healthy smile that will delight the owner and those around him. All work is carried out in such a way as to preserve the naturalness and anatomy of the dentition. The price for tooth restoration is available to all categories of clients – sign up for a consultation and see for yourself.

Types of dental restoration

There are several types of restoration of anterior teeth. These include direct restoration of teeth, which is performed directly during a visit to the dentist, and indirect – through veneers, lumineers, half crowns.

  • artistic restoration of teeth – a one-step method of restoring anterior teeth using safe and durable composite materials;
  • aesthetic restoration of teeth – restoration of the natural structure using various synthetic materials;
  • restoration of teeth with filling material – performed on molars after caries treatment.

Restoration of teeth with composite materials allows you to practically create a new incisor or canine and is used if the destruction of dental tissues is no more than 33%. The price for photopolymer restoration of teeth is low, given the aesthetic effect, which it allows to achieve in just one visit to the doctor.

When restoring anterior teeth, the steps are identical, as for the entire dentition, and before starting the procedure, you need to make sure that there are no inflammatory or carious processes. Artistic restoration of the front teeth, if there are any pathological changes in the structure, is carried out only after treatment, which guarantees the durability of the work. As a result, restoration of the anterior tooth may require several visits to eliminate any risks of future complications.

Dental restoration results

After aesthetic restoration of the anterior teeth, they will become flawless, beautiful, healthy and maximally functional. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and professional cleaning twice a year to avoid the risk of darkening in the field of posterior tooth restoration. However, we use quality certified materials and comply with technical regulations, so your smile will remain dazzling for many years.

Frequently asked questions

Artistic restoration is a cosmetic dental procedure to restore the aesthetics of the dentition, taking into account the anatomical features of each client.
The lifespan of the restored teeth depends on the hygiene and the load on the teeth. On average, it is 3-5 years, but with good care, the period can be increased significantly.
Dental restoration is a complex of procedures for the elimination of congenital or acquired dental defects, leveling the enamel shade, recovery after the treatment of caries and injuries (part of the tooth is missing), protection against pathological abrasion.
Feedback from our clients

We are proud that most of our patients apply to Artstomatology on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. After all, positive feedback on work is better than any advertisement. We are very pleased with this, and we continue to fill Kherson with people with sparkling smiles every day.

star Alina

““Отличная клиника! Персонал заставит Вас почувствовать себя как дома сразу, как только вы войдете в дверь. Команда очень профессионально изучила мою проблему и предложила верное решение. Артстоматология проделала большую работу, я чувствовала, что попала в надежные руки. Врач очень хорошо все объяснил и дал много ценных советов. Спасибо!””

star Andrey

“Лучшее стоматологическое обслуживание, которое я когда-либо испытывал! Профессиональный, вежливый и дружелюбный персонал заставил меня почувствовать себя, словно я – часть большой семьи Артстоматологии!!! Очень рекомендую всем !!!”

star Petr

“Персонал отличный. Очень гостеприимный и дружелюбный. Стоматолог толково ведет прием, предоставил всю информацию. Я согласился на сложную процедуру, а затем на поддержание и чистку. Каждый визит подобен встрече со старым другом. Я очень доволен результатами и приду сюда со всеми своими стоматологическими потребностями в будущем!”