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Cleaning teeth in Kherson

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To maintain the health and beauty of teeth, daily hygienic procedures are not enough. Even the most thorough cleaning does not provide complete removal of food residues from hard-to-reach places and from under the gums, as well as the destruction of pathogenic microflora in the mouth. As a result, tartar and caries are formed, and inflammatory processes develop, leading to complex and expensive treatment. Brushing teeth in dentistry is performed with special professional tools and materials. During the procedure, the doctor cleans germs and bacteria, tartar and plaque from the teeth, between them and in the subgingival area. It is recommended to do professional cleaning twice a year.

Brushing your teeth at the dentist is:

  • Removal of any types of deposits such as tartar, soft plaque from the surface of the teeth and in hard to reach places;
  • Suppression of microbial and bacterial growth, reducing the risk of inflammation;
  • Progressive complex hygienic procedure, providing prevention of development of many diseases;
  • Elimination of bad breath.

The procedure is also intended for certain categories of people who have various orthopedic structures in their mouths. In this case, it is very difficult to ensure good hygiene of crowns or under braces. Therefore, brushing teeth in dentistry is the best option for removing dirt from the surface of the teeth and in the places where the structures adhere. The procedure takes a little time and does not cause severe discomfort, so it is well tolerated without anesthesia.

Professional hygiene is recommended for people of all ages, including children. For small patients, special gentle pastes are used, which do not damage the surface of deciduous and permanent teeth. All manipulations are performed as carefully and painlessly as possible, so kids will not be afraid to go to the dentist.

Brushing teeth, price

Tooth brushing is a complex procedure that is performed by special devices, tools and preparations. There are several methods, so the price of professional teeth cleaning differs according to the technology chosen by the patient or doctor. In addition, depending on the condition of the teeth, the dentist can perform several procedures that also affect the final cost of the service.

Algorithm of professional oral hygiene:

  • Examination of the mouth, teeth and condition of the client’s gums;
  • Mechanical removal of hard tartar by means of special tools or ultrasound from tooth surfaces, in spaces between them and from the area under the gums;
  • Removal of pigmentation from the enamel formed due to the consumption of black tea, coffee, red wine, beverages with artificial colors, smoking. For this purpose special powder mixes and pastes are used;
  • Cleaning the interdental space with floss from the residual parts of the hard plaque;
  • Final polishing of tooth surfaces with special pasty masses to create a smooth and even texture, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and deposits.

Thus, the price of brushing your teeth at the dentist may vary, depending on the complexity and complexity of the task. In our dental clinic in Kherson different methods of professional oral hygiene are used. Customers can choose the best option, including the cost of the service. You can make an appointment with a doctor and find out the cost of hardware cleaning by contacting the clinic’s operators.

Professional teeth cleaning, types

Even if you have never had dental problems, hygienic brushing is a necessary procedure. People who perform it regularly are less likely to consult a specialist, as it eliminates the immediate cause of caries and inflammation. The recommended mode of treatment by a hygienist is once every six months, but if there are cases when due to certain individual indications, the procedure is performed more often than once every 3 months. Conversely, for special indications or contraindications, professional cleaning can be carried out less often.

The dental clinic in Kherson uses different methods and techniques of brushing teeth:

  • Mechanical – the method is used for a long time and is characterized by safety and efficiency. Mechanical brushing of teeth is performed with the help of special tools, which carefully remove hard formations. If the procedure is performed by an inexperienced specialist, there is a high risk of damage to tooth enamel during instrument manipulations;
  • Ultrasound – special devices are used. Ultrasound effectively, painlessly and quickly destroys solid elements that are removed from the oral cavity by mechanical attachments. The procedure is painless, does not damage the enamel and soft tissues;
  • Air Flow – a technique used to solve a wide range of dental hygiene problems of teeth and crowns. Cleaning is carried out by a stream of water, air and powders under pressure. This effectively destroys tartar, which ensures deep brushing. The doctor can adjust the pressure depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth, which minimizes any risk of injury to the enamel and soft tissues. The method is suitable when you need to brush your teeth with braces and other orthopedic structures;
  • Combined – sometimes a doctor can use several methods during one procedure to ensure a high result. Comprehensive brushing of teeth goes through several stages from the removal of large elements of tartar and plaque mechanically, to the treatment of the dentition with ultrasound. At the final stage, Air Flow technology is used, which allows you to clean the remaining smallest particles and polish the enamel surface.

The doctor decides which method will be used in each case. The choice is based on such parameters as the condition of the mouth, the amount of plaque, tooth sensitivity and other factors. It is also up to the doctor to determine the method of professional cleaning of children’s teeth. Regardless of the technology used, a high result is guaranteed in our clinic.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning in Kherson

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is one of the safest and most effective methods of professional dental hygiene. Tartar and plaque are destroyed and removed by a special device – an ultrasonic scaler. It creates an ultrasonic vibration on the surface of the tooth, which gently removes deposits without damaging the enamel and gums. In addition, if the patient suffers from bleeding gums – only ultrasound cleaning is performed. After the hygienic procedure evens out color of enamel, pigmentation leaves.

Ultrasound brushing is:

Destruction and removal of solid formations and tartar;
Removal of plaque from smoking, natural and artificial food dyes;
Removal of plaque from the subgingival and supragingival areas;
Deep cleaning of periodontal pockets;
Kills pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity;
Effective soft polishing of enamel providing bleaching effect without use of aggressive chemicals.

The price for ultrasonic teeth cleaning in our clinic is available to all categories of patients. The procedure takes a minimum of time and does not cause discomfort or pain, so it is suitable for everyone, even those who have high sensitivity of the teeth.

Ultrasound cleaning is contraindicated for people with ARI, arrhythmia, bronchitis / asthma, orthopedic structures, children, in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Brushing teeth from tartar

Brushing your teeth can prevent the development of many dental pathologies. For this purpose different methods, devices, drugs are applied. If the patient suffers from hypersensitivity of the teeth or deposits very much, especially in the subgingival area, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Small painful sensations are permissible, and the discomfort passes quickly.

Cleaning tartar goes through several stages:

  • Examination by a specialist;
  • Removal of solid deposits;
  • Cleaning of interdental space by means of abrasive strips which get into the most hard-to-reach and narrow places;
  • Removal of small elements of the destroyed stone;
  • Polishing the surface of tooth enamel;
  • Applying protective and strengthening drugs on the surface of teeth and gums.

After the procedure, it is necessary to give up drinks and food with a high risk of pigmentation for a few days. In Kherson, the price of brushing teeth from tartar is low and everyone can afford professional hygiene in the mode recommended by specialists. Make an appointment and learn more about the services and the cost of manipulations.

Air Flow cleaning

Air Flow cleaning is a modern progressive method of fast, effective and safe removal of soft and hard plaque from the surface of the teeth, the space between them and under the gums. The procedure is performed by a device that generates a jet of water, air and special powders, which is fed to the working area under high pressure. The method is effective for the destruction and removal of tartar and plaque, not only from the teeth, but also from various orthopedic structures. In addition, it is recommended for those who wear braces or have areas with very crowded teeth.

Air Flow cleaning is performed in the following cases:

  • Removal of pigmentation and plaque formed by drinks and food with high coloring properties;
  • Before performing various therapeutic procedures, such as caries treatment or before prosthetics;
  • Prevention of periodontal pathologies caused by the formation of microbial colonies;
  • Before installation of braces and after their removal;
  • Performing dental restoration (veneers, crowns);
  • Before the procedure of teeth enamel whitening.

Air Flow brushing takes little time and does not cause severe discomfort. At the end of the manipulation, a fluoridating gel is applied to the surface of the teeth, which strengthens the enamel and reduces sensitivity. It is not recommended to drink for several hours and eat foods with intense pigmentation, as well as to refrain from smoking.

Air Flow brushing is not performed if the patient has diabetes, hepatitis, arrhythmia, respiratory diseases, ARI, tuberculosis, HIV. The method is not used if there are occlusion disorders, a pacemaker or titanium implants are installed.

You can find out the price of Air Flow, make an appointment for a consultation with a hygienist or specialists of another profile in Kherson by contacting the managers of our dental clinic. Modern technical equipment, compliance with the requirements of standards, the use of certified materials and the highest qualification of doctors, guarantee the maximum result in each case.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of the service of professional oral hygiene depends on the complexity of cleaning, the chosen method, the use of additional tools and operations. In our dental clinic in Kherson reasonable prices for all range of services.
The procedure of brushing teeth from tartar is performed by an experienced doctor with the use of special devices, tools and pastes. The final cost is formed depending on the number of savings and operations to eliminate them. Find out more by contacting the clinic managers.
The Air Flow method has a wide range of applications, is safe and effective. The destruction of plaque and stone is carried out by a jet of a special solution under high pressure. Suitable for dental hygiene, including those with orthopedic or orthodontic structures.
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