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CT of teeth in Kherson

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Correct diagnosis in dentistry is an important condition for successful treatment of various pathologies. During a simple examination, the doctor cannot see all the changes in the structure of the tissues and special equipment is required to get a real and accurate picture of the condition of the tooth. For this purpose CT diagnostics which allows to establish the exact diagnosis and to develop the adequate scheme of treatment will be applied. Computed tomography in Kherson is mandatory for therapy by orthodontists, implantologists, maxillofacial or plastic surgeons. It creates a picture of the teeth in three dimensions, giving the specialist a complete and comprehensive view of the condition of the tooth and jaw of the patient. This three-dimensional image of the dental system, in contrast to the two-dimensional, allows you to look into any part of the tooth, jaw or gum.

CT in dentistry is performed for the upper, lower or both jaws and a single tooth. Today it is the most informative method of diagnosing pathologies, even in the initial stages, when structural changes are insignificant. The doctor can see the smallest anatomical changes and features of the patient’s dental system and existing pathologies. In addition, the doctor receives a digital copy of the image and can visualize the area of ​​interest by reducing or enlarging the images from any angle.

Compared to other diagnostic procedures, computed tomography is a completely safe procedure that does not cause any discomfort. CT of the upper jaw or individual tooth gives the most detailed image that the doctor can study in different planes and depths, stopping any risks of misdiagnosis due to lack of information.

You can do a CT scan in Kherson in our dental clinic. The modern tomograph allows to carry out procedure quickly, without unpleasant sensations and to provide the profile doctor with a necessary complex of the information for therapy.

In which cases computed tomography is performed

CT scan of the teeth is necessary for:

  • Prosthetics and implantation of missing teeth – the condition of bone tissue and the structure of the dental system are studied;
  • Orthodontics – the study of dental dystopia, occlusion disorders, acquired or congenital anomalies and pathology of the maxillofacial system;
  • Endodontic treatment and removal of teeth – the study of dental canals, their position and condition, cracks, root perforation;
  • Study of the nature and scale of the development of inflammatory processes in soft tissues – pulpitis, osteomyelitis, caries;
  • Study of the condition of the alveolar processes and the depth of the periodontal canals;
  • Check for retained teeth, benign or malignant tumors and more.

CT of the tooth recommends doing, even if you are about to install a banal filling. Also, the procedure is necessary to assess the effectiveness of treatment methods and timely adjustment of the treatment regimen, if necessary.

No special patient preparation is required to take a 3D image of the jaw. However, people suffering from increased nervous excitability or nervous tics are advised to take sedatives to get a clear and detailed picture.

Despite the safety of the procedure, 3D imaging of teeth is not recommended:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Under the age of 14;
  • In the presence of uncompensated endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus, or thyroid dysfunction;
  • In the presence of chronic or acute renal or hepatic failure;
  • If the tomography of the teeth is performed with the introduction of contrast – an allergy to iodine-containing drugs.

Computed tomography has many advantages and is widely used in dentistry. A 3D image of the jaw is more informative than a panoramic or X-ray image. Here you can view a layered section of bone and soft tissue, which provides maximum informativeness of the diagnostic study. Thus, when planning the treatment scheme, implantation, prosthetics, installation of orthopedic structures and other profile manipulations, the doctor plans each stage in detail and predicts the result with great confidence.

Stages of CT

CT of the jaw is performed under the direction of a dentist. The procedure takes a few minutes and does not require special preparation of the patient. However before the beginning of a computer tomography it is necessary to remove all jewelry as chains, earrings, belts. If the patient has braces, the procedure is not contraindicated, but there are risks that the quality of the three-dimensional image will be worse and the specialist will be more difficult to analyze the condition of the teeth.

Computed tomography is performed in a specially equipped room. The patient wears a special vest with a lead layer to protect the internal organs from unnecessary radiation. If necessary, a three-dimensional image can be taken after intravenous administration of a contrast agent.

The patient’s head is placed in a special niche of the device, where it is fixed in the temporal and frontal areas, and the hands are placed on the handrails. After bringing the system into operation, a sensor begins to rotate around the head, which creates a three-dimensional image of the dental system and transmits it to the computer. In one turn, he can take 150-200 high-resolution images, which compile to create a three-dimensional image.

After the procedure, the patient must remain still for 15-20 seconds. The doctor leaves the office and observes the process through a special viewing window. Next, the computer processes the information for a few minutes, and decrypts the data, which become the basis for diagnostic activities.

Differences of CT from X-ray

Until recently, the structure of the dental system was studied by X-ray or panoramic imaging. However, with the advent of CT, a real breakthrough in dentistry has taken place. Computed tomography of the teeth is a three-dimensional image that can be viewed and analyzed from different positions, increasing or decreasing the proportions, there is almost no projection distortion, which is especially important for manipulations in prosthetics or orthodontics.

The two-dimensional image of jaws and teeth by means of a usual X-ray picture allows to see the area of ​​interest only from one party and at stretching of a picture in one plane, gives distortions. Thus, computed tomography CT is more informative and preferable in cases where it is important to look deep into the bone or soft tissue, to detect the smallest deviations and the development of pathologies at the earliest stages.

Computed tomography in Kherson, price

On CT, the price is slightly higher than the usual X-ray, but the effectiveness of the study is incomparably greater. To implement the procedure, modern high-precision equipment is used, which meets the reference requirements of the industry. Therefore, the price of a 3D photo of teeth is higher, but still available to everyone who monitors the health of the oral cavity.

Our clinic in Kherson provides a full range of dental services. Computed tomography, the price of which is optimal to ensure the necessary measures for prevention, treatment, prosthetics and correction of the dentition, is performed by experienced specialists. Deciphering the data, drawing up a treatment plan, using advanced equipment and materials, highly qualified staff – this is what every patient of the clinic can get just by contacting us. Find out the cost of CT of teeth and how to make an appointment with a specialist by contacting the clinic’s operators.

Frequently asked questions

Computed tomography of the jaw system is a modern safe and effective method for diagnosing various dental pathologies by detailed analysis of the area of interest in three-dimensional format. Thus, the doctor can assess the condition of the tissues of the oral cavity and the slightest changes in and structure.
Experts recommend performing CT no more than twice a year, however, there are difficult cases when a doctor needs to receive detailed information and dynamics of therapy in a short period of time, and in this case, the limit may be exceeded, but no more than once every 2-3 months.
CT is a complex high-tech procedure performed with special equipment. The service of a three-dimensional image of the dentition is more expensive than an X-ray, but the diagnostic efficiency is also higher. The price depends on the chosen laboratory, but by contacting us in Kherson, you will get the optimal ratio of cost and effectiveness.
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