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Filling in Kherson

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Tooth filling is a dental procedure to restore the shape and functionality of carious teeth. Depending on the degree of damage and destruction of bone and soft tissues, the work may consist of several stages using different hardware and drug therapeutic methods.

Our clinic in Kherson uses advanced methods of treatment of carious formations at different stages of development. There is the necessary equipment for diagnostic tests and treatment of pathologies of various categories.

Tooth filling is the optimal solution for the restoration and restoration of the integrity of molars, incisors and canines at any age, regardless of the presence of concomitant or age-related diseases. The method is effective, performed in a short time and ensures normal tooth function for a long time.

Filling allows you to quickly and inexpensively stop the development of carious formations and prevent complete destruction of the tooth. The doctor removes the affected parts of bone and soft tissue, cleans the infected area, and fills it with filling materials. Thus, all pathogenic microflora is removed and the further development of caries is stopped.

Stages of filling

Dental fillings begin with an examination of the oral cavity by a physician and the appointment of the necessary tests, such as X-rays or computed tomography. After receiving the results, the specialist evaluates the extent of the lesion, the depth of penetration of inflammation, makes a treatment plan, a list of procedures and types of filling materials that will be used for each patient.

If the caries is at an early stage of development, the procedure involves cleaning the area. Anesthesia is usually not required here. However, if the inflammatory process has gone deep into the tissues, the stages of tooth filling will be implemented as follows:

  • Introduction of anesthesia;
    Opening of a tooth, cleaning of a carious cavity, removal of the destroyed fabrics and sites of enamel by means of the drill;
  • Carrying out of therapeutic actions, premises of medical linings;
  • Installation of a pin is carried out if the tooth is strongly destroyed and for its restoration conditions for reliable fixing of a filling material are required;
  • Installation of seals. The choice of material is agreed with the patient. So the filling on the front tooth, canine or molar will not be noticeable either in color or structure;
  • Final grinding and adjustment of the shape of the tooth, which provides maximum comfort and tight closure of the jaws. After the procedure and the patient should not feel the presence of a foreign body, discomfort when closing and pressing the teeth or other unpleasant sensations.

Filling of front teeth, as well as others, requires special attention not only to the restoration of the anatomical shape, but also the selection of the shade of the material identical to the natural color of the enamel. In this way, the tooth will look natural and no one will guess that a specialist has worked on it.

If you watch how to seal your teeth on video online, you can get acquainted in detail with all stages of work. This will be especially useful for those who are terrified of visiting the dentist, as well as children who have this procedure. This will prepare them for the future, and reduce anxiety. Also from cognitive rollers it is possible to learn what the seal consists of, what characteristics it possesses and how to look after it.

Tooth filling, price

The cost of a tooth filling consists of several factors. Sometimes a short visit to the dentist is required to restore a tooth, but there are cases when the disease is very advanced and you have to perform various procedures: X-ray or tomography, opening of the tooth cavity, cleaning of canals and nerve removal, special medications and more. In this case, the price of dental fillings will increase in proportion to the number and cost of individual procedures. Therefore, dentists recommend twice a year to conduct a preventive examination to identify problems in the early stages, which will save a lot of money on future treatment.

Our clinic in Kherson uses advanced methods of treatment of carious pathologies and uses certified materials. A dental filling, the price of which is available to all our patients, will work without problems, and you will forget for a long time that you once consulted a doctor.

Types of dental fillings

To restore the anatomical shape of the teeth, different materials are used, which differ in characteristics, composition and cost.

Modern dental fillings types and parameters:

  • Amalgam – is durable, resistant to loads, has an affordable price, not aesthetic;
  • Composites – the perfect aesthetic effect, durable, long lasting;
  • Photopolymer – very strong and durable, have color fastness and a wide range of shades;
  • Ceramics – safe, high biocompatibility with adjacent tissues, eliminates the recurrence of caries, have a high cost.

Rehabilitation period after filling

Any intervention on the teeth and adjacent soft tissues is traumatic, so many patients report that they experience slight discomfort for some time. This is normal and does not require a repeat visit to the doctor. However, if there is acute pain that lasts long enough, it may indicate the development of an inflammatory process under the seal and the need for cleansing and new filling.

Doctors of our clinic in Kherson have extensive practical experience, access to advanced equipment and certified materials, so in each case the quality and conformity of work is guaranteed. Sign up for a consultation with a specialist and become one of our satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of dental fillings consists of the number of therapeutic procedures and the type of filling material. In our clinic, not only the quality of dental procedures is guaranteed, but also their affordability.
Dentists work with different materials, and the selection of the best option depends on the case. However, the most popular seals are ceramic and photopolymer seals, which are durable, safe and aesthetic.
If the filling has fallen out, you need to see a dentist for immediate replacement. Procrastination with a visit to the doctor can lead to the accumulation of pathogenic microflora in the opened cavity, the development of the inflammatory process and the complete destruction of the tooth.
Fillings are a material with special properties that are used in dentistry to fill cavities in the tooth cavity and root canals and restore it after treatment of caries or mechanical injuries.
Feedback from our clients

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